Democrats Find A New Way To Traumatize Children

Massachusetts schools are using dogs to detect Covid-19 – CNN

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12 Responses to Democrats Find A New Way To Traumatize Children

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    The good news in my grandkids school here in Tennessee, they are letting omnicron rip.
    Mask aren’t even required.
    Seriously, it’s no more than minor sinus irritation for adults and most kids don’t even have noticeable symptoms. The only way to stop it is to test every child every single day, and Biden failed miserably and getting the test kits out. Money wasted.
    Leave the kids alone

  2. rah says:

    Hell was once described as a place where: ‘The British are the cooks, the Germans are the police, the French are the politicians, and the Italians organize everything.’ I think everyone with a couple of working brain cells are learning now that is not an adequate description. Hell is obviously anywhere the leftists are in charge.

  3. arn says:

    Children are future voters.
    The earlier they are being traumatized the more loyal they become to the commie party.

    I am pretty sure if we analyze the ways how slaves have been indoctrinated
    and made docile we will find patterns that are identical with modern education,government and big tech methods.
    The very first generation had to be subjugated by raw force,
    but already their children were brainwashed into a submissive behaviour
    from day 1.

    Once there was a time when dogs had to wear the muzzle and humans didn’t.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Exactly. Children learn from adults. Be a healthy role model. Avoid any place, any source of transportation, any medical facility, any store – all venues which require the useless muzzles. Honor and support all venues that don’t.

      And avoid unnecessary long exposure to the leaky-jabbed, especially the ‘boosted’. Nobody wants their leaky-jab caused mutaded viruses.

    • GWS says:

      Was it easier to indoctrinate slaves back then when they couldn’t read and didn’t have newspapers, TV, or the Internet for outside information; or is it easier today because we have a plethora of these fire hoses of misinformation?

      • arn says:

        You have your indoctrination device always with you.

        You are being indoctrinated 24/7 .
        4 hours TV
        4 hours internet/social networks
        while even the most ambitious religious zealots don’t indoctrinate more than 3 hours a day.

        Modern indoctrination is hidden while the standard method was direct, and the indoctrinated had a reference point (=the indoctrinator) to analyze /realise what’s going on.

        The methods of indoctrination and manipulation are far more advanced than 100 years ago and they can specifically target your critical thinking skills down to the point that they no longer exist outside of your “job”.

        The woke can criticise the hell out of his own people/culture/religion but as soon as they face a muslim their activism/criticizm disappears and they will instantly become buttkissers though Islam is the total ideological opposite of woke .

        The woke claims that he is anti billionair,anti authoritarian etc but follows authorative sources and billionaires media like a dog .

        And the fact that someone can read does not mean that they can better think.

  4. callmedave says:

    Hi Mr. Medeiros,

    I see you have implemented Covid sniffing dogs and was wondering if the dogs have been vaccinated or receive regular Covid tests themselves.

    I think it is great to have dogs discover Covid, because so often, as you know, people have Covid and since they have no symptoms, do not know they are sick.

    Assuming the dogs stay 6 ft away, can they still detect Covid that far away?

    Is it dangerous to the dogs to be breathing in all that Covid, or do you have them wear masks also?

    I will now look at things differently when I see dogs sniffing each other’s butts, since they are working to make us safer that way. You also.

    Keep up your good work, many do not have the courage to do what you do.

  5. Scarface says:

    I was thinking about the fear mongering in The Netherlands, and about the unknown (well, nog for the people that pay attention) agenda, that people overhere are unaware of.

    Our government-paid meteorologic intstitute. KNMI, with any kind of divergent weather: Code orange or code red, shown with a picture, covering our country: so fear is talked into the population
    Our government-paid public broadcasting news: NOS, with any kind of corona statistic: code orange or code red, with same method as above: so fear is talked into the population

    Now I suddenly realized:

    climate change (CC) + corona (C) = CCCP, with P for proposition. They are two sides of the same coin.

    Any resemblance with CCCP as in communism, is purely coincidental, but I beg to differ.

  6. Scarface says:


    Good point, even more scarier is comparing the effect of domestication of wolves, with nowadays humans.
    Wolves started changing the color of their fur, within a couple of generations. This effect has also been noticed in the fur industry, with keeping animals in cages. And what do we now see with people: all kind of strange behavior: girls want pink and blue hair, boys that want to be girls, etc. We are really living a caged nightmare. We have turned our back (or are forced to) to nature and the laws of nature. We are no longer free people. This doesn’t bode well.

    • arn says:

      “The” totalitarian movements(communism,fascism ) that have occured after WW1
      are basically religious movements.
      Their aim is not only to change political institutions
      but also to remodel the nature of man and society ”

      I guess this quote of Waldemar Gurian describes your Wolf fur analogy well.

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