More Snow Is Less

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  1. rah says:

    0 deg. F here in my piece of heaven in central Indiana. Yesterday I did a bit of winter driving coming across I-72 between Hanible, MO and Springfield, IL. But that sideways light snow was nothing compared to some of the stuff I have driven through in past winters.

    This trucker is just happy he isn’t going east or north on Sunday. I’ve driven in enough of that stuff. All of the following descriptions and many more I have not written about have happened in the last 10 years.

    A few years ago they sent me into Boston to pick up a load the morning after they had received more snow in 24 hours than any time on record.

    That same winter on another trip, brokerage tried to send me down into Connecticut into the teeth of a fast approaching Nor Easter. When I called in and told them that I would go but don’t expect to see me for a couple days because I would be stranded and besides I was sure the shipper would send their people home well before I got there, even if I did make it. They called the shipper and sure enough they said they were shutting down because of the weather.

    Another time I was blasting across the I-90 MA turnpike when it was supposedly closed. There was no one out there but I was getting through just fine. When I made it to the place I was to deliver they were working but to dock one had to back up an incline and that had not been plowed. It took me a dozen tries to get into the dock and when I did I hit it pretty hard. There was no choice. If one slowed too much one would slide off to the side.

    Before I was on e-logs I trucked out of Kansas City headed to my terminal in Indiana in a blizzard at night. Had to use the rumble strips to be sure I remained on the paved surface. I did not see a salt shaker or plow all that way across Missouri until I got to the St. Louis area. Not even on in Columbia. Took me 14 hours to make a trip that usually takes 8.25.

    Many a time while driving in those conditions I have tilted the steering wheel up, then slid the seat up all the way, then opened the window and reached out with my left arm and grabbed the drivers side wiper to pull it away from the windshield so it slaps back and knocks the accumulating ice off the end of it so the wiper blade can again contact the glass. Even with the defroster on 100% heat and fan it can’t keep your blades from accumulating slush that freezes. That ball of frozen slush can get bigger than baseball size.

    One time heading up I-79 in PA heading for Tonawanda, NY (North and NE side of the Buffalo area) the Jumbotron said that the I-90 Throughway was closed at Hamburg going into the Buffalo area due to heavy and fast falling lake effect snow. I diverted down I-86 and then cut north on US 219. My intention was to go north as far as could and then go east and work my way up to come into Tonawanda from the east. I got there and when I backed into the door at the Unifrax facility on Fire Tower road there was not a flake of snow on the ground or in the air. This when 14 miles SE as the crow flies they were in a snow emergency. Lake effect snow is some strange stuff.

    The problem with being the guy that always get through is that of course you get more than your fair share of that kind of driving. And so I don’t feel one bit guilty that the younger drivers are getting the bulk of that kind of driving and it seems now days I get sent away from the worst of it instead of being sent into it. It takes a lot of endurance to deal with that kind of driving for hours on end and to be quite frank, though I can still do it, it takes more out of me now and takes longer for me to recover. One has to be quite careful at night not to get hypnotized by the snowflakes that are lighted up in the brow lights of the tractor.

    So this Sunday at 21:30 I depart for Spring Hill, TN. There I will take a 10 hour break and then deliver in the morning. After that I will take the empty down to the BASF/XPO facility by the airport in Huntsville, AL and pickup a trailer full of catalyst as used in catalytic converters and then bring that load back to the terminal in Anderson, IN.

  2. rah says:

    The BS hype is never ending and it is all supposedly based on climate models. I can’t understand why anyone that pays attention believes that climate models are the gospel when even the forecast of weather models quite often are dead wrong when forecasting more than 3 days out.

  3. GWS says:

    The left needs an all-purpose crisis happening everywhere and all the time, and they’ve forced GW into it. And now they have Covid to back it up, hopefully forever. And if that doesn’t work they’ve got white supremacy. They’re loaded! All they need now to take over the world is — a leader. Think Joe is the man?
    I think their charade is becoming transparent.

  4. dm says:

    Environmental extremism = Mann x cynicism squared

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