Three More Footballers With Heart Problems

Aubameyang diagnosed with ‘cardiac lesions’ at Afcon after Covid positive | Soccer | The Guardian

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  1. Torgo says:

    Were they jabbed before their CV+ results?

  2. jon says:

    The link to vaccination probably seems clear and obvious to those who’ve already decided its true.

    Thats how confirmation bias works.

    And who needs evidence to support such clear and obvious conclusions?

    I, on the other hand, have an open and suspicious mind – which is why I looked for evidence to support or undermine the Carbon story. And the evidence lead me to a conclusion – a conclusion that CAN be altered by new evidence.

    So I understood that those reading the public-good science in this site might be of this mindset.

    So without repeating opinions, without asserting in the dark or attacking for daring to question the orthodoxy, how about someone links me to actual statistics (again, not opinion pieces ASSERTING stats) to evaluate whether the implied conclusion in posting this article has any basis in fact?

    Cos I’ve looked, and I don’t find anything convincing, nor any systematic data at all.

    And no, lack of evidence/study is NOT QED evidence of a conspiracy. Science is about testable hypotheses, not rumour sharing.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      The Death Jab causes these problems.
      Don’t believe me?
      Ask Dr. Malone the inventor of mRNA.

      • jon says:

        That’s not evidence or statistics or a study or science.

        Its an appeal to the authority of a grad student who tried something interesting and radical 40 years ago and has had no participation in mRNA since.

        I asked for evidence, you offer appeals to authority. Science is about evidence in testing hypotheses.

        Someone else?

        • arn says:

          Such cardiac problems did not exist in sports prior to the jab in such quantities..
          It was a very rare thing and I am not aware of a single famous sportsman
          but now we have 2 of the top of the top players(Aubameyang,Aguerro)who get heart problems within few weeks after 15 years as professionals with zero problems.

          Outside of steroid poisoned sports like wrestling or known massive dopers who increased their potential from average to world class like Florence Griffith Joyner heart failures were never a thing.

          At the end of 2020 I asked here why no celebrities are dying from Covid
          Now they are dying (or being heavily compromised) like flies,especially in Soccer (and i forgot 10* more about soccer than you will ever know and you have no clue how many lesser known soccer players were infected) ,
          but not from Covid.

          The fact that you are hiding your conformation bias behind ignorance and pretended stupidity does not make you open minded .

          Simple laws for idiots:

          Things that need 24/7 propaganda and are forced on people are NEVER for the benefit of the people but for the benefit of the propagandists.

          Experimental drugs are always dangerous and vaccines usually need about 10 years for approval.
          This POS vaccine is years away from being save.(especially if we consider the whistleblower informations about the data integtity of Pfizers covid vaccine.
          And we may get an idea why and how Pfizer was able to already develop an omicron vaccine thatll already be available by march )

          Since the vaccines have started the number of covid victims has exploded
          while covid in vaccine free African countries is pretty much irrelevant.
          You don’t need to be an expert to ask “WTH is going on here”
          but you need to be an epic piece of shit to claim ” Nothing to see here”

          There is no longtermdata about covid vaccines,
          but what makes this crazy, irresponsible situation far worse by 10 magnitudes
          is,that never before in history such huge numbers of people were vaccinated
          with such a high frequency.
          Jab after jab,
          booster after booster ,
          year after year.

          Even non experimental vaccines that were proven to be safe could cause massive negative impacts and overwhelm the immune system if humans were forced to take them on a regular basis.
          But we are talking about experimental drugs produced by serial criminals
          who were already forced to pay billions of dollars of fines to their victims,
          who created the opium crisis on purpose
          and who produce vaccines so leathal that they paid for so long so much money to politician until they could no longer be held accountable for the people who got harmed by their vaccines.

          Btw – I’m no antivaxxer.
          I would vax you and your children 10* a day.
          While for the rest of amerians i’d reduce the number of vaccines to the levels your country had 50 years ago.

          • jon says:

            Hey Arn

            Thanks for that. This data I have seen and read before.

            So I’m going to set aside all the hyperbole about criminals, dark futures and overwhelmed imune systems. That’s all stuff you see very clearly and I question and I’m not debating any of it.

            Focusing down onto the detail we are discussing, you shared the widely known data that makes the case that the vaccines are safe, though apparently you read it differently.

            I was looking for data for the huge problem. Because I’m reading your words and you’re sounding an alarm about a catastrophe.

            But its not there in the data you provided.

            The BMJ report suggests that the rate of myo and pericarditis in the 12-39 age group is kinda 269 in 3.5 million vaccinated people. And most of those cases recover fully.

            Comparisons and probabilities are where a sort of truth can be found.


            This study suggests that before covid, the rate of myo and pericarditis was 70 per 100,000 in-patients. That’d be 2,450 in a comparable sample of 3.5 million (in Korea). 10 times the BMJ rate, before accounting for them all already being sick and hospitalized, so its HEAVILY loaded towards a higher rate.

            But it offers a perspective on the prevalence of the condition (yes, in Korea only in this study) before anyone had received mRNA. Your assertion that footballers never had heart problems before mRNA vaccines is just plain wrong. These issues happen in response to many viral infection types. You weren’t looking for it before mzRNA. But it happened.

            So all this noise is about a statistically tiny count of illness among the vaccinated which is fully and publicly acknowledged. Yet those vaccinated have a 10+ times improved survival facing covid.

            Among the covid infected, the myo and pericarditis rate is about 8 times that associated (maybe) with the vaccine. As Joe Rogan was advised live in his podcast by a guest who knew the facts.

            Every negative outcome is a tragedy – but if we lose the sense of scale in the significance of the data points, we cannot then see the wood for the trees.

            Nothing in the data you kindly linked to indicates a meaningful hazard, compared with the benefit of not dying from covid.

            There’s nothing to see in this except breathless reporting of anecdotes, each of which is a horrible case (when not lies, as some are) – but even if they’re ALL caused by mRNA vaccination, they’re still not significant in the population (though of course they are to the individual).

            How many should die from or get sick from, or get myo and pericarditis from covid infection in order to maintain the purity of a 100% safety record?

            Is 99.95% safe good enough?

            At 269 out of 3.5 million, the BMJ data suggests that the “safety” percentage in that group is 99.992% for these heart issues, most cases of which are not fatal.

            So please tell me, in numbers not emotion words and wild assertions, what is the problem you see?

            Are you really saying that a 10 or more times reduction in death rate is too small a reward for a 0.008% risk of a mostly non fatal heart issue that occurs 8 times more often in the covid infected anyway?

          • jon says:

            responding to both you and Michael below

      • Wilson Bohner says:

        right on,,,,,of course it does.

    • Vegieman says:

      I have another idea, jon. You sound intelligent, so how about using that open and suspicious mind to bring some confirmation-bias-free explanations here and enlighten us as to why so many young, healthy, men are “suddenly”, “tragically”, unexplainably”, falling over severely injured or dead with many of the fortunate ones coming forth with testimonies of how these events occurred followed having received the infamous covid injection. I have a couple of links for you while we wait to hear back from you.

      • jon says:

        Well that’s better.

        Ok, the first link. The mothers assertion may be right. But its not evidence.

        Bells palsy is a rare condition that existed before covid. Its usually unexplained, often associated with viral infections, including covid infection.

        Granted this is a small study. Do you have a bigger one? Genuine question.

        Its horrible. But this anecdote is not evidence of any link – despite it seeming obvious to you.

        I’m not denying the possibility, I’m asking for statistics and good quality studies.

        The second link. This is a giant grab bag and so there may be the strong case buried in here, but it doesn’t answer my point. If you see a paper or stats in here that make the case, please link to it.

        To be clear, I doubt the quality of the data from here – because good quality data on such a key issue gets wide airing and does not need to be hunted out.

        Call me lazy, I’ve heard it before. But if you’re really interested in convincing a thinking doubter, surely you can show me the smoking gun rather that ask me to follow the journey you made?

        • Michael Spencer says:

          Well OK jon!

          Here’s a little compendium that I’ve been assembling for some time and – surprise! surprise! – you might just find a bit of Tony’s work linked in here and there.

          Right towards the end you will find a download link whereby you may check Robert Kennedy Jr’s most comprehensive (818 pages!) expose of the obvious fraud, profiteering, corruption, political manipulation, exploitation of the gullible ….

          (Oh look! There’s a famous name! Didn’t the ‘scientific experts’ of his day say that he was wrong? Hmmm…. I wonder how that panned out?

          • jon says:

            Out of respect I will try to work through the document you sent.

            But first impression? Not science, likely not even very rational. If this was unfairly used as a mental health assessment tool for the person who put it together, I don’t think they’d like the result.

            To convince people of a difficult thing is hard. Using this kind of cerebral event presentation undermines the story entirely.

            I’m not asking for a grab bag of opinions and factoids and tail chasing.

            I’m asking for fact and data related to deaths in sport “due” to vaccination.

            If you don’t have it, I remain skeptical

            I’m asking for good science review of actual data, just like I do with the Carbon story.

            And where there’s no such? Then the story is more likely false.

            Can you give me actual data for sport induced heart deaths? I can only find anecdotes and opinions, not data.

            And if we are to rely on politicians like Kennedy, raising money off a version of the story, then I’m not interested in discussing it further.

        • Gerald Machnee says:

          You can ask for the autopsies, but I just remembered, they are not doing them in most cases. Why not?
          The Insurance companies are reporting a 40 percent increase in claims. 10 percent has been deemed to be significant.

          I suggest to try climate change too. See if you can find ONE measurement of how much CO2 has changed the temperature.

    • Vegieman says:

      Jon, Did you take the injection?

    • mwhite says:

      “With those two factors in mind, it’s my measured opinion that giving boosters to healthy young people, and especially to children, is nuts.”

      • Wilson Bohner says:

        100% correct …..0% risk for the young ones.

      • jon says:

        Measured by what rule, against what reference standard?

        Calling a view measured does not render it so.

      • jon says:

        “There is one big problem with taking the numbers in this study at face value, and that is that it used a positive covid test as the indicator for covid infection. But we know that up to half of all covid-infections are asymptomatic, and on top of that there is an unkown number of people who have symptoms but don’t take the test. So the true number of infections is likely to be at least twice as high as the test-confirmed infections. This creates an unfair comparison when comparing with the vaccines, because we know about everyone who gets the vaccine.”

        So he cries foul based on supposition, not facts.

        That’s not evidence. Its an opinion. Might be right, but whining about it isn’t investigation.

        Increases in risk are a bad thing, but he entirely avoids absolute numbers.

        In reality, the BMJ data suggests about 260 cases in 3.5 million jabs.

        Which is 99.992% safe.

        And thats not good enough?

    • Anon says:

      As the vaccine does not reduce infection, why exacerbate the myocarditis risk?

      Total Risk = Viral Myocarditis + Vaccine Myocarditis

      We can easily reduce one of those.

      Do we have a count of the number of soccer stars that have died of a Covid19 infection?
      I don’t recall seeing any.

  3. mwhite says:

    “And myocarditis is a serious disease, make no mistake. Lately, I’ve been hearing this sentence alot: “but the myocarditis caused by the covid vaccines is mild!”. I’d never heard of “mild” myocarditis pre-covid. Pre-covid, myocarditis was always considered a serious disease.”

  4. Mr Bishi says:

    Jon, yes you’re right, it requires more evidence but in order to have evidence you have to have investigations and these are simply not being done.

    The VAERS reports and the Yellow Card reporting system here in the UK are showing more adverse reactions and deaths than every other vaccine put together over the past 50 years – possibly in history if you take under reporting factors into consideration.

    Yet I bet my house you’d just dismiss that as ‘fake news’ because the systems are self-reporting – just like the pharma and tech industry ‘fact checkers’ are doing. I invite you to consider that these very same safety systems have been used for decades by the same pharmaceutical industry to gauge drug safety.

    I also invite you to consider how insane, circular and dangerous your argument is. Your argument seems to go like this: ‘Yes these events are happening to but it’s just ‘one of those things’. No investigations have been launched but there’s no need for any investigations because there’s no evidence of a problem.’

    This is like your business burning down along with a large bunch of others in your neighbourhood. You and other victims quite rightly suspect that it might be arson but the police come along and rudely announce “We won’t be sending any forensics teams in to investigate these fires because there’s no evidence that it was arson so stop spreading rumours because we’re not investigating it because there’s nothing to see. If it happens again, it’s probably an electrical fault or something.”

    Would you not be wanting some answers Jon?

    As I said, established drugs safety systems that have been largely trusted for years and that remain the only safety barrier we’ve got against potentially harmful drugs are reporting that these Covid vaccines are causing more ADRs, injuries and deaths than every other vaccine put together – possibly in history. And you’re basically saying ‘not enough evidence so no need for investigations because there’s not enough evidence”.

    This is only one of two things. Massive criminal negligence or corruption and corporate evil on a scale not seen in modern history and you seem falling over yourself to defend it. Why?

    • GWS says:

      Why? Personal bias. When is the evidence “enough?”

      • jon says:

        When it doesn’t require argumentative consideration, when it convinces beyond reasonable doubt.

        Your certainty doesn’t come from a persuasive basis of facts.

        That’s how evidence works. It persuades by its nature, rather than requiring leaps of faith.

    • jon says:

      Over and over the same.

      Association is not causality.

      You and others have decided that any death after vaccination must be ascribed to the vaccine. You’ve no data, just a supposition.

      So old people don’t die? Otherwise sick people don’t die?

      The death rate in the VAERS data, last I looked, was slightly lower than the expected death rate across the population.

      Your expounding a doctrine, a belief system, not facts.

      And upset that anyone can be so stupid as to not agree with you.

  5. Robert says:

    Suspicious much Jon that CDC is not contacting this family? Or paying for autopsies?

    I think it stinks

    • jon says:

      I see suspicious motives everywhere.

      Confusion everywhere.

      Lies everywhere.

      So I want the data. Imperfect though it is. And I keep asking for it and not getting it.

      So, again;

      What is the data for myo and pericarditis deaths and prevalence in sports, which was the subject of this discussion and which nobody seems able to provide?

      And if there’s no data, can you tell me why you see a crisis?

      To be clear, I do not say there ISN’T a problem, I want to understand it – not hear baseless opinions about the whole damned world of conspiracies.

      And again, according to the BMJ the prevalence of heart issues post mRNA vaccine is 0.008%. Which is not large enough to base a crisis discussion upon.

      • Timo, Not That One says:

        You ask for evidence, but brush off every assertion and study presented to you. Confirmation bias works both ways. You will not take seriously, any evidence unless it supports your belief. The TV news tells you that it’s “safe and effective”, about 10,ooo times a day. After this deluge, it will be very hard to change your closed mind.

        Here is an analysis of Pfizer’s own mRNA study data, which shows that “deaths from all causes” was higher in the Jabbed group than in the un-jabbed group.

        I predict that you will watch it, and find some way to dismiss it. At this point you should understand that YOU are the problem in the world today.

  6. Silent Someone says:

    To whom it may concern.
    The Government Lies,
    The Media LIES,
    The Medical Industry LIES
    The System is Currupt and Broken.
    Accept This and Move on.
    ONLY Spirituality will save this world.

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