UK Wind And Solar Reliance

Wind and solar are currently producing 1.1% of the UK’s electricity needs.

National Grid: Live Status

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12 Responses to UK Wind And Solar Reliance

  1. Conrad Ziefle says:

    It didn’t work, but we spent a lot of money on it, so we’re good people.

  2. What politician is going to admit that they squandered trillions on a complete white elephant? There is no exit strategy which does not involve the impossible – a politician admitting he was wrong.

  3. Ben Vorlich says:

    Also bear in mind that electricity is only a out 20% of the UK’s total energy consumption, making renewables about 0.2% of the total. Fortunately this high pressure has coincided with a weekend. On Friday afternoon virtually every source of electricity on the UK grid was switched on, abd it wasn’t especially cold.

  4. Jimd1958 says:

    Snuggle under the Queen’s Quilt
    I’d say Prince Andrew’s too but I’m sure he has company.

    Sheep off to the charnel house.
    Just what they wanted,dying White people.

  5. Bonnie mou says:

    All just part of the Genocide program.

  6. Francis Barnett says:

    Tony – Can you email me your contact details, I can’t find it on your website.
    I have a news item for you from france about wind turbines.

  7. Matt Kiro says:

    At 4:30 Pm on Jan 14th. the sun has set in the Britain. So I don’t know why you would use that time.
    Its a terrible place to use Solar anyway, but examples like this do not help make the point.

  8. Graeme No.3 says:

    Fortunately those coal-fired stations that haven’t been closed and blown up, are generating (approx.) 4 times that of renewables. Then there are the 4 stations at Drax (in Yorkshire) that converted to burning wood chip (from ex-forests in the USA) as more profitable than coal, have been adding around 3%. Drax has also fired up its remaining units (from shutdown) and is burning (imported even though it was built on top of a mine) coal and getting up to £4,000 per MWh.
    On top of that they still need to import electricity (and natural gas) from Europe. Meanwhile the Greens want to shut down all coal and most of the remaining nuclear units and rely on wind (and solar).
    Those the gods wish to destroy, they first make them insane.

    • Lynn Comstock says:

      Insanity is the new NORMAL.

    • Graham Climate - truther says:

      The wood for Drax is also imported from the Baltic states and of course, wood gives off more CO2 than coal. I live in a mining district that is no more our last mine was blown up earlier this year. designed to last for 100 years, it fed directly into the power station which was one of the best designs in the world. Now the site is to become an housing estate.
      Meanwhile Bozo has to decide if a new mine sunk to produce cocking coal to allow us to continue having a steel industry is allowed. I suppose he’ll ask his wife first and we know what she’ll say. But don’t just complain. Spread Tony’s truth to all.


    TO OUTPACE COAL. What they did not mention is coal generated electricity has been pretty much shut down and converted to natural
    gas. This genius move was made thanks to the SOCIALIST NEW DEMOCRAT PARTY that somehow got elected 6 years ago (and subsequently kicked out in the next election). The Socialist are notoriously bad at math.

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