April 30, 1953 Tornado Outbreak

On April 30, 1953 a tornado outbreak in the Midwest and East killed more than a dozen people in Georgia.

01 May 1953, 1 – Chattanooga Daily Times at Newspapers.com

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2 Responses to April 30, 1953 Tornado Outbreak

  1. arn says:

    Here something that would have been considered a major scandal in the pre-Obama era.
    Guess which were the only 2 countries out of 181 that voted against a UN Resolution combating nazism.
    In favour voted 130.
    Abstention 49.

    If we take a closer look at the abstention,we may realise that almost all those countries
    belong to the countries who systematically call everyone Nazi who disagrees and that these are also the same countries who sanction Russia and that almost all are from the free western democratic world.(I wonder how germany has voted considering its past?)
    I also wonder how those countries have voted that all of a sudden decided to join the nato?


    As this vote happened before the war in Ukraine started,it is safe to assume that
    the free western world knew exactly that it has to protect the Nazis it created ,trained and paid
    as those would be needed in the war against Russia.

    And here(3:00) are the citizens of both countries that voted against the Anti-Nazi Resolution
    chanting together(the climate related irony here is that they are standing at a place
    that should be 6 feet under water by now according to climate experts.)


    And here some NWO stuff ,presented by the most famous actor in the world(already using his favoured green color),
    pushing High Tech Agenda in a piss poor,war torn country(no money for the people but there is always money for crap like that)

  2. Steve says:

    In 1953 CO2 levels were still way too low.

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