Boulder Resident Sets Himself On Fire After Taking Michael Mann Climate Course

“Climate Activist Dies After Setting Himself on Fire at Supreme Court

A friend described the actions of Wynn Bruce, of Boulder, Colo., as “a deeply fearless act of compassion to bring attention to climate crisis.”

Climate Activist Dies After Setting Himself on Fire at Supreme Court – The New York Times

He was inspired by Greta.

(20+) Facebook

And he was taught by Michael Mann.

(20+) Facebook

Climate Change: The Science and Global Impact | edX

Apparently he couldn’t tolerate 0.1 degrees warming, so he chose 1,200 degrees.

Climate Reanalyzer

h/t Ryan Maue via Willie Soon

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17 Responses to Boulder Resident Sets Himself On Fire After Taking Michael Mann Climate Course

  1. arn says:

    A grown man inspired by a child – wokeness in a nutshell.

    Did he use Solar and Wind to set himself on fire and keep it burning?
    But something tells me that renewables are useless on even the smallest scale.

    • GreyGeek says:

      He and most other science deniers who believe that AGW is a real thing, KNOW that wind and solar do not have the necessary energy density to incinerate a human body.
      For that one needs products from coal, oil and gas. They are science deniers because they deny that the photosynthesis cycle is a real thing that self-moderates CO2 in the atmosphere. They deny that if CO2 levels go below 150 ppm then green plants will die. If they die, we die, because they make the Oxygen we breathe and the food we eat.

      We in America are about to learn an important lesson which will leave many as dead as self-immolation man: modern farming is using land to convert oil into food. No oil, no food. No food, starvation.

      • Vegieman says:

        Don’t forget the 40% of US corn production used to make ethanol. Hey, if we limit biofuel production to agricultural use, associated CO2 production from combustion would be utilized directly by the crops and we’d thrive. Kind of like a perpetual motion machine. Problem solved. No?

        • T Maz says:

          Ethanol that has, at best, a very tiny impact on CO2 production, and according to some is much worse than gasoline in terms of CO2 production. Ethanol is a pure subsidy to the ag industry.

  2. Alarmist dogma can seriously damage your health.

  3. Russell Cook says:

    One could make the argument that blood is on the hands of the mainstream media for not telling this man the whole other side of the issue, namely all of the good news that our future is not anywhere as bleak as the alarmists portray it.

    • T Maz says:

      Al Gore and John Kerry should be locked up for instigating this self-murder.

      • Russell Cook says:

        I don’t know if lockup would apply to John Kerry, since his defense would be that he believed what he said was true and trusted folks like Al Gore. However, I have posited that when defamation efforts covered by civil law extend beyond specific harm of individuals into greater harm of the general public, state-level Attorneys General could pursue libel/slander cases covered by criminal law: See my “Has the whole ‘crooked climate skeptics’ accusation strayed into criminal libel/slander territory?” . If the man here who set fire to himself thought skeptic climate scientists were on the payroll of Big Oil to spread lies, that becomes Al Gore’s problem.

  4. Edward Sager says:

    Did he use a fossil fuel?

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Michael Mann, James Hanson, and Leonardo De Caprio should be leading the way on this if they want to get any steam behind their movement.

  6. JPinBalt says:

    Darwin Awards.
    Ditto, according to AOC, a lot of young people are afraid to have kids too because of the climate crisis.

  7. rah says:

    The man was indoctrinated and obviously unstable. His name will not be known to most and will be forgotten by most others in a very short time. He accomplished nothing good by his act of “deeply fearless act of compassion to bring attention to climate crisis”.

    I hope that Michael Mann and Greta and all the academics, politicians, press, and their tools that have been declaring this false “crisis” are proud.

  8. Allan Shelton says:

    Mikey Mann should turn in his PhD .
    If he was so smart he would never believe the GHG Theory and global warming from CO2 released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels.

  9. Reid says:

    Everyone who promotes global warming alarmism needs to be asked:

    What observations would falsify the hypothesis that fossil fuels are causing catastrophic global warming?

  10. Mikegeo says:

    Using fossil fuels to self-immolate as a protest against using fossil fuels seems hugely ironic doesn’t it?
    And after all that climate re-education, he still left a carbon footprint. I wonder if it occurred to him that it would have been cheaper to do during Trump’s Presidency.

    Still, it’s a big step in self-criticism further along, from the numbers of climate alarmists who have been getting vasectomies to protect the planet from the carbon footprint of their now “non-born” children. I guess they’re winning the carbon credit contest on this measure.

    This is all probably in a Twilight Zone episode I missed.

  11. Torgo says:

    “Apparently he couldn’t tolerate 0.1 degrees warming, so he chose 1,200 degrees.”

    1,200 degrees is almost as hot as the temperature is going to be very soon in the Donbass cauldron, cyka blyat.

  12. Wang Wei Lin says:

    Did he buy carbon credits to offset the emissions from self immolation?

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