Another Green Energy Scam Collapses

“A solar energy company has fallen into administration after racking up more than half a billion pounds in debt to a local authority in Essex, southern England.

Toucan Energy Holdings 1 Ltd., which owns 53 solar farms across the country and was run by the financier Liam Kavanagh, had borrowed £655 million ($773 million) over four years from Thurrock Council to fuel its expansion.”

Solar Energy Firm Collapses Owing British Taxpayers £655 Million – Bloomberg

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5 Responses to Another Green Energy Scam Collapses

  1. william says:

    My Aunt has a house in Essex where they were going to cover local fields with Solar panels.

    Guess that won’t be happening now.

  2. arn says:

    Green energy only works when there are enough traditional energy ressources to compensate for its shortcomings and failures.

    Green energy is only competitive with subsidization.

    Just like everything related to AGW it can only exist with massive manipulation.

  3. Calicoaus says:

    Not being a Pom, I am amazed that a local council could access this much funding let alone commit it to one party. Are there no controls over council finances?

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