Angry About The Unvaccinated

One year ago Martina Navratilova was very angry at Novak Djokovic for not being injected. Now she has two forms of cancer.

Navratilova slams Novak Djokovic’s vaccination refusal ‘What will happen in France?’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |

Martina Navratilova diagnosed with two forms of cancer

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18 Responses to Angry About The Unvaccinated

  1. arn says:

    While covid avoided celebrites like the pest (viral pride?)
    the Pfizer vaccines for sure don’t .
    They only spare the 0.1%.

  2. Disillusioned says:

    The other day I read a paper from link from a link Eli provided. From my layperson’s quick read of it (my terminology/understanding may not be exactly correct, but I believe I caught the gist of it), researchers are finding that with each extra jab, the immune system sees the virus more and more like an allergic irritant, and instead of the body making antibodies to eradicate it (like an actual vaccine would encourage – or like a natural immune response would do), it mounts an attack on symptoms, similar to what an antihistamine would do, not dealing with the cause itself, which is still in the body. Perhaps that is a reason why the boosted keep getting recurring cases of covid.

    From reading the article, apparently my bad flu (covid or whatever it was) symptoms back in February were a good thing. A part of my misery was my body’s immune system mounting an all-out attack on the virus – the pain, the fever, the phlegm, etc. (inflammatory responses) were all a part of my immune system’s virus eradication project.

    Meanwhile, in the ‘vaccinated’, apparently the virus doesn’t get eradicated, but thrives and multiplies in the body – and from there various diseases may be allowed to begin attacking the body. So, somehow it cripple’s the body’s immune response, which is probably why some have said the jabs are causing vaccine-acquired-immune-deficiency-syndrome. They are scrambling, trying to understand why. There is also concern that because of the large percentage of the population that took the jabs, that is going to make it difficult for herd immunity to occur as would have happened naturally. It looks like they messed with Mother Nature. BIG TIME.

    • Well done…you are correct.
      This is why I and my Family are PUREBLOODS all!

    • Eli the Pit Bull says:

      The Covid vaccine gives the body instructions to produce a supposed “harmless spike protein” to fight off the virus.
      That in itself is horrifying. It doesn’t take much imagination based on simple logic to come up with several ways this process could go horribly wrong.
      And sure enough, we are seeing the results of untested technology.
      What were they thinking?

  3. Trevor says:

    I remember watching Navratilova play many amazing games back in the day. She was so dominant. Her cancer could just be natural and coincidental. But so many people are getting diagnosed and dying of coincidence lately. It seems suspicious. I cant even think of any unjabbed person I know that has been sick in the last year. Nada.

    • Disillusioned says:

      Well, now you know one. I am non-jabbed and I had a particularly rough flu (could’ve been Covid – I don’t/won’t test for it) for a week back in February. I have been healthy as a horse ever since, and have been plenty times around people who were sick, coughing, etc.

      Meanwhile, over the past two years I have witnessed several jabbed/boosted people in my circle getting colds and/or flu-like symptoms again, testing positive for the vid over and over – and a few coming down with ‘coincidences’.

  4. mwhite says:

    “Surprising result around IgG4 antibodies after booster”

  5. Deblob says:

    I am reminded every day that woke progressive ideology refuses to accept logic and critical thinking as they are misogynistic narratives that are societal norms promoted at keeping men in power.

  6. Marooned says:

    Martina has cancer x 2, but I have a bad cold. Sorry Martina, but my cold is more important to me than your cancer x 2. Given that you wanted me to take the gene the-rapy which injured my mother, my father, and my brother; the last tinkle drip that I shake off whenever I micturate is more important to me than your cancer x 2.

  7. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    “Scientific American”

  8. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    As many of you might know Eli the pit bull is a highly regarded and licensed therapy dog. Former pit fighter that needed that energy and extreme intelligence redirected for the benefit of man, and with great success. (His former owner went to prison with a federal dog fighting conviction) Eli had nearly 2,500 patient visits in the 4 and a half years pre Covid, so I got to know a lot of folks, and they are talking. Whatever the patients were in the nursing home for, life soon after the vaccine took a drastic turn for the worse health wise, at a much more rapid pace than expected. Sudden aggressive cancers and heart problems, multiple autoimmune disorders, etc. These patients didn’t need a half dozen new and seemingly unexplained afflictions added at the end of life.
    These are the victims you will never hear about. But Eli knows.

    • Disillusioned says:

      That is where anger should be directed – not at those who refused to go along. What occurred is depicable. The Nuremberg Code has been trampled upon, ignored.

      The evidence is mounting. Soon we may begin hearing an old refrain, ‘I was just following orders’

  9. mwhite says:

    Top Cancer Expert: Aggressive Cancers Appearing After Vaccine Boosters “Not a Coincidence”

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