Angry Climate Cultist

Gerald didn’t do very well in our recent debate and is quite angry about it.

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  1. dm says:

    Tony, any preferences for your cell mate?;-}

  2. Richard says:

    well lets see- CO2 is not an evil gas- no life on Earth without it
    52 years since Earth day and of the estimated 50K dire end of days predictions not one has come true
    How many predictions from AL Bore has come to pass ? ZERO
    NOT One plan has been submitted to combat GW or climate change

    the world governments and tech people cannot stop a rain cloud, a thunderstorm or a tornado and they SAY they can stop CC

  3. arn says:

    It is indeed time for criminal charges against excutives of noncompetive green energy companies who waste tax payer money,
    and executions for climate scientists who are making wrong predictions and doubling down for decades and even write shitty books to rip people of instead of getting a real job

    On a funny note:
    The most recent post of Gerald Kutney says:

    “Algorithms are blackboxes under the control of big tech that are brainwashing everyone”

    So he knows very well what is going on in a world full of global warming brainwashing and failed predictions of the Kutneys,where criticism of global warming propaganda is systematically being surpressed,deleted,censored or at least permanently contaminanted with blue Wikipedia banners –
    yet he pretends to be among the victims despite the fact that global warming would be as dead as the global cooling of the 70ies without big tech algorithms.

    The same algorithms which were used to surpress the Hunter Biden Laptop Story and made his mentally ill dad president.
    The same algorithms that promoted the Russian collusion fairy-tale which was as fake as global warming and that makes the Ukraine war going on.
    The same algorithms owned by big tech that is controlled by pro global warming billionaires who are all as crazy AGW leftists as Mr Kutney.

    Mr. Kutney is the lefty mirror image of those crazies on the right who believe not a single word of the big tech crap,but the Ukraine war( and all other wars) – than all of a sudden they believe every word.
    Except that Mr Kutney is much worse as he is believing every single woke shit big tech is promoting including all wars (since Obama)and most probably forced vaccines,
    yet this 100% big tech buttkisser pretends to be anti-big tech.

  4. Allan Shelton says:

    Gerald never debated anything. He just kept bellowing a bunch of insults.
    Where is the proof, Gerald, that CO2 causes global warming, hence climate change??

  5. Mac says:

    These people are absolutely mentally ill. I was a science major in college and then studied microbiology in grad school. I would never even think about suggesting that people who disagree with me be locked up in jail. The same sort of totalitarian craziness occurred during the COVID scam. My God, what has happened to these people? They’re not “liberal” in the least. They’re brutal fascists. Liberals were the hippies rolling in the mud at Woodstock in 1969, who didn’t want to be drafted, who wanted to live life as they pleased. Those old-fashioned liebrals left other people alone, and they wanted the government to leave them alone. The modern neo-Democrats are nutcase dictators who order you to live your life as they want you to. What’s amazing to me is the average Democrat doesn’t even realize what’s been done to them, and how they’ve been brainwashed into being fascists. They’re just went along with it without even thinking.

  6. Ulric Lyons says:

    Making money from using trees for energy:

    so he denies any science which contradicts his narrative, and employs the usual drivel about extreme weather being more severe and more frequent. Richard Tice from the UK Reform party, and Kutney:

    • According to Grand Inquisitor Gerald of Kutney politely interviewed by Richard Tice ” there is no debate about the science ” ..At least not “the climate science ” despite the fact climatology is rigorously debated within the climate science community … One only has to recall the at times rancorous disagreement in the Climategate email chains .. The man who demands criminal prosecutions of climate heretics and oil company executives cannot even clarify what his sacred science is .

      Kutney is a throwback to Soviet Lysenkoism , the Maoist Cultural Revolution and the Spanish Inquisition …The personality that would would “struggled ” and imprisoned intellectuals in China, gleefully mobbed and tortured Hypatia and burned Kepler at the stake

      • Robert Austin is spot on . Tony calmly thrashed Gerald Kutney and he vilified Richard Tice – who also bested him – as a ‘denier ‘ for simply interrogating him with a question !

        Gerald believes ” climate change is occurring at a “rate that has never been seen before ” Really ? A 1C rise in temperature over 170 years is not that spectacular ..Not compared to the 10C warming surge 14700 years ago in just three years and another 10C temperature swing 11700 years ago that took place within 50 – 60 years . Richard Tice would have done well to confront Kutney with that data

    • Disillusioned says:

      So much for his concern for the environment. His company racked up 225 pollution violations… and biomass is worse than coal?

      “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”
      — Queen Gertrude

      • Louis Hooffstetter says:

        WTF, Gerald! You work for a company that cuts down forests and burns the wood? Geeze, if you were half as smart as you think you are, you’d know dried wood is 40% to 50% CO2 by weight (depending on species). So Gerald, you’re just a guilty of releasing CO2 as the oil companies. When they file criminal charges, you should be included.

  7. conrad ziefle says:

    Jerald shows signs of aggravated dementia.

    • conrad ziefle says:

      It’s a good sign, though. We must be winning, or at least they aren’t. Maybe the weather did them in before they could lobotomize all of us.

  8. It is bad weather, hot or cold, which promotes the burning of fossil fuels. The oil companies supply this need. They aren’t forcing anybody to burn the stuff, so it is difficult to see what crime they are committing. Logical thinking has never been a strong point of the alarmists. If you sincerely believe in AGW, shut off the gas and electricity, then you will freeze in winter are roast in winter. Either way Darwinian natural selection will ensure we get rid of our excess idiots.

  9. Tom says:

    I watched your debate with “Gerald” and his arguments really boiled down to an appeal to authority – as well as some ad hominem attacks.

    That said, his call for criminal action against those he disagrees with demonstrate that he is clearly an ideologue and quite dangerous.

    • arn says:

      I really wonder what his excuse would have been if he’d put someone in prison in the 70ies for denying global cooling and then switching to global warming?

      And the only reason why such demands never happened during the cooling lie is the same why it didn’t happen during the first 2 decades of the warming lie.
      They didn’t had reached the level of power and indoctrination as they have now,
      which has demoralized people so much that implementing covid restrictions was a walk in the park.

  10. GWS says:

    This guy is mentally ill, Tony. I’d keep some distance from him.

  11. Robert Austin says:

    You whipped Kuntney (sp intentional) in your one sided debate where his only tactic was to appeal to authority and call you a denier. So now you should be jailed for the butt-hurt you caused him. If Gerald represents the quality of academics in our universities, I weep for the degradation in our institutions of high learning. But there has been a gradual but inexorable decay for a long time.
    As Bill Buckley said,
    “I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Manhattan phone book than the entire faculty of Harvard.”

  12. thinkfreeer says:

    What kind of person brings criminal charges against someone who has committed no crime? A vindictive hater. I guess he doesn’t mind that label.

    • arn says:

      Wrongthink is always a crime in a totallitarian system.

      Just as with the old soviet joke where one asks why Ivan was sent to Gulag.
      He said nothing wrong ,didn’t offend the government.
      And the policeman says:He was factually right,but politically wrong.
      We had to arrest him.

  13. Torgo says:

    Cry some more!

  14. Disillusioned says:

    Fascist Klimate 🤡s are getting more desperate. That dude is unstable and dangerous.

  15. Allan Shelton says:

    “debate” score: Tony +10 Gerald 0.

  16. Robert B says:

    and any lawyers who try to defend them?

  17. Peter Carroll says:

    That is one monumental dummy spit! Poor Gerald. Just another kool aide drinker that will go to his grave wondering, where, when or if, his cherished climate change will ever occur.

  18. Scissor says:

    Perhaps Gerald should have provided an example. He never was good at objective reasoning.

  19. conrad ziefle says:

    These poor people, like Gerald, are just low IQ, easily influenced and manipulated minions.

  20. Scott Allen says:

    this the same guy who promotes cutting down trees and and making pellets out of them to be burned in Britians electrict planet ….. which is concidered clean energy

    From his bio
    “Gerald is a member of the expert panel on international standards for solid biofuels (wood/biomass pellets, torrefied pellets, and biochar briquettes) for ISO (TC 238)”

    • conrad ziefle says:

      That’s f-ing stupid. Does he believe that burning wood does not emit CO2? Doesn’t he have a PhD in Chemistry? From where? That university should be closed down.

      • Disillusioned says:

        Yeah, I think you jumped the gun when you said he has a low IQ and is easily influenced and manipulated. He’s clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he’s no dummy, either. Based on what his business is and has been, I don’t believe he is actually scared for the climate. I think his biggest concern is the climate scam, from which he has likely benefited, may fall apart.

  21. Disillusioned says:

    Kutney the Klown cares not one whit about a ClimateEmergency/ClimateCrisis. He is in the biomass industry. Only the most gullible fall could fall for his ersatz concern for the environment. He reminds me of one of those TV preachers who never perfected the ability to come off as sincere.

  22. Disillusioned says:

    Mr. ClimateBrawl’s Work History – VP and GM of a pulp plant so toxic that (according to the linked article) it sent workers to the hospital from poison gas leaks, was found guilty of polluting the Ottawa River with pulp effluent and racked up 225 violations.
    A Toxic Place to Work

    Nice picture at the bottom -a moustachioed Kutney, epitomizing the look of snake oil salesman (or TV preacher – take your pick).

  23. David A. Kyne says:

    I watched the exchange between yourself and this individual. And I do not entirely agree with your assessment of the debate.

    I believe that, for some reason, you appeared somewhat tentative in terms of your engagement with him. You could have won. You ought to have won. The man is an typical “kanadian” climate imbecile. But, for some reason, you did not attack his positions as assertively as you ought to have. And as assertively as you are entirely capable of doing.

    I refer to your lecture, in Australia, in 2016. Within the context of which you were both entertaining, convincing. And you expressed an comprehensive acquaintance with your subject matter.

    With reference to your statements concerning Galileo Galilei, I must assert that your positions with reference to Galileo’s assertions concerning an Heliocentric universe or solar system are incorrect.

    The Church did not arbitrarily condemn and persecute Galileo because the Pope and the College of Cardinals could not accept, upo the basis of “evidence beyond all reasonable doubt” that Earth revolved around the Sun. Galileo’s theory was taught at the universities at that time. And, in the assessment of my favorite Catholic authors, Hilaire Belloc “, . .was splendidly applauded, . .”

    The problem in the matter proceeded from the fact that Galileo, “, . .quarrelsomely, . .” in the words of monsieur Belloc, taught that “Heliocentrism” was fact. When at the time it was only an theory. When Galileo’s theory was confirmed as fact, the Church had no further objections to it’s instruction.

    Your position with reference to those o the other side of the climate change debate is, in fact, quite close to that of the Church. If these people taught that climate change was an theory, such as the “Theory of Relatively” or “String Theory,” I would tend to believe that you would not be as exercised as you are with reference to this matter.

    Your differences with those who assert “climate change” is founded upon your perception that these people are asserting as fact what is, but only in very general and generous terms, merely a theory. And they continue to assert this theory, non obstant the existence of facts and evidence that disqualify it.

  24. Selwyn Firth says:

    As a chemical engineer I have researched the so called Green Hose Effect and it does not exist. It is impossible because it violates Thermodynamics. A cool object cannot heat a warmer one, no matter how much you wish it. I wrote a book that explains the lies Global Warmist have told us. Do a google on my name for a link.

    Selwyn Firth B.Sc. M.A.Sc. chemical engineer.

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