Jacinda’s Plan To Keep New Zealand Safe

A smiling Jacinda wanted to keep vaccinated New Zealanders safe by segregating vaccinated and unvaccinated. A similar model to that previously used in South Africa based on race.

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14 Responses to Jacinda’s Plan To Keep New Zealand Safe

  1. arn says:

    Divide and Rule has always been the MO of the people who control imposters like Jacinda .
    But I’m also for segregation :One part of the planet for the vaccinated and/or
    AGW believers and big pharma prostitutes the other for the conspiracy theorists.
    (to make things even worse for conspiracy theorists:They shall not be allowed to protect themselves from sea level rise )
    Then let Darwin sort out.

    • Disillusioned says:

      I will volunteer. Put me down for a sprawling estate right on the ocean. Somehow, we will learn to deal with the battering waves.

  2. Heretic Jones says:

    And South Africa was a thriving first-world nation – booming economy, non-existent crime, beautiful architecture – when the Afrikaners administered the nation. This is true regardless of one’s feeling about the presence of the Boers in Africa.

    • conrad ziefle says:

      As I recall the story about South Africa, the black Africans, Zulus under Shaka, moved in about the same time as the Dutch. Previous to that, only Bushmen lived there.

      • arn says:

        The bushmen were “rationalised away” ( any other term would be racist)
        by zulu and friends so they can live there instead.

        But the real problem is that for the most part of the population things didn’t get really better(except in theory and on paper)- same with Zimbabwe ;
        and for some reason people were more upset about apartheid in Africa than about slavery everywhere else
        as once again it was just about the narrative and not about what’s really going on.

        It was just about shift in power in favor of globalists
        just as in Ukraine where oligarch Janukovitch was replaced by western oligarch Poroshenko and things went from bad to worse in for average Ivan
        in the now free and democratic Ukraine.

        Considering the impacts of the vaccine it seems pretty obvious that helping the people were never intended -nowhere on this planet with none of the wars and revolutions .It was just about control.

  3. With a nearly 30% increase in all caused deaths since ‘vaccine’ roll out, how exactly does Jacinda define ‘safe’?

  4. GWS says:

    “Safe” in the sense that prisoners in jail are safe from the threats from the outside world. In her mind the vaccinated should be in jail where it’s “safe” from those “harmful” unvaccinated rabble on the outside. So thoughtful and considerate!

  5. conrad ziefle says:

    Don’t cry for Jacinda. She will land on her feet as the Under Secretary of the WEF.

  6. Jacinda Ardern is the former president of the Socialist Youth Internationale who worked as a bureaucrat in the Blair Labor government Home Offices review into policing mindful the Home Office knew of, and suppressed , the Rotheram rape gang abuses as early as 2003. The self styled feminist who said not a word about Brenton Tarrants adoration of the Chinese Communist Party and his radical green ‘eco fascism ‘ in the aftermath of the Christchurch massacre ,knows all about keeping the vulnerable ‘safe ‘ I can’t imagine how cruel medical apartheid would be so conscionable for Jacinda Ardern

    • Correction , Jacinda Ardern worked as an official in the Blair governments cabinet office review into policing [ in 2005 ] so she must have been privy
      to the same sensitive information as the Home Office ……

      .What a classic totalitarian socialist : when asked if there are “two different classes of people ” that are afforded as opposed to those bereft of basic rights ” if they are vaccinated or not vaccinated , Ardern just callously agreed – ” that is what it is ” I wonder what Australian independent MP Dr Kerryn Phelps and her partner who both suffered vaccine injury complications think of Arderns medical classism . Thank heavens she resigned

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