Bad Weather Forecast

6:09 AM · Mar 31, 2023

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26 Responses to Bad Weather Forecast

  1. arn says:

    For 150 years we didn’t gave a shit ,
    but all of a sudden we are obsessed with it
    because we are so authentic.
    (and good look trying to find a single institution that hasn’t been infiltrated )

    • arn says:

      No Aprils fool.
      It”s not only NGO”s,CiA and the NED who are pushing for government change –
      that eventually always ends in woke “values”,IMF bondage and the army run by someone else
      Another active player (who is still associated with the opposite)in Trotzkies eternal revolution game.

    • Charles Higley says:

      I could not care less about them. They already have all the same rights we have. However, they also want the right to bother us incessantly, get in our faces, get in our way, claim victimhood for everything, and the right to confuse young children into being like them.

      I just want them to leave us alone and I will leave them alone. Their activism is only driving more people away.

  2. GWS says:

    Pandering to the LGBTQ loonies didn’t stop this deranged killer and I doubt it will dissuade the next. In fact, I suspect it will encourage them.

    • arn says:

      It encourages them.
      Did pandering to black people lead to a better or worse outcome.
      Or with muslims.
      (and this outcome was intented,just as the soft on crime approach)

      I wouldn’t be surprised that there were whole decades where the number of trannie-shootings was lower than during the last weeks.

  3. When a Society starts putting differing groups into boxes…you then end up at WAR/Social Unrest.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    A day honoring people with gender dysphoria, which is an illness, is like reserving a special day to honor people with herpes. Or heart disease, or….

  5. Ben Carlson says:

    Its just the prophesy
    of Romans chapter 1
    coming true.

    Here’s the last verse from there;
    find and read the whole chapter
    to see today’s newsfeed,
    written nearly 2,000 years ago.

    “..Who knowing the judgment of God,
    that they which commit such things
    are worthy of death, not only do the same,
    but have pleasure in them that do them..”

    • John says:

      Thank you
      I suggest the letter to the Romans chapter 1 to anyone that is not diabolically disoriented
      and is sincere about what is going on.
      Truly we are in open Spiritual Warfare.

  6. Father Flotzky says:

    I’m thinking that very few promo press Tweeters for these various companies even know what a transgender individual is…I mean so many genders, so little time

    I knew a self-proclaimed trans person years ago…they ugly as a man and quite grotesque as a newly-formed woman…He/She/It/What got upset once when I called He/She/It/What by the wrong name on Facebook…I immediately dissolved our fleeting aquaintanceship and I’ve been better ever since.

    PS Tony…with all the crazy Covid and various election kookiness, I dropped off your RealClimate news aggregator network to gather my senses…but it feels good to catch up with your great posts after many untold months…I’ve been scrolling back in time and reading the many posts I missed…always good stuff!

  7. Marooned says:

    Is that Lot’s wife, to the left?

  8. arn says:

    Here the guys behind the ICC warrant for Putin + debunking
    The North Stream guys – as always

    Here some more interessting stuff about Faucism

    Here a part of ChatGPT that hasn”t been corrupted from the beginning – but will be adjusted soon

  9. D. Boss says:

    “My theory about aposematic hair colouring of the blue-haired Taliban proves veridical yet again.”

    i.e. these people are mentally and emotionally damaged, and the blue haired taliban aptly describes their modus operandi. Likewise, the blue/red/pink hair color is like adaptations in nature, where a poisonous frog develops a bright coloration to warn predators they are poisonous. (or some species adopt the coloration as a ruse, because they are not poisonous but want to appear to be dangerous) (Why Do Social Justice Warriors Have Colored Hair?)

    • arn says:

      I don’t really go along with that for several reasons
      and one is that these persons are usually mentally damaged narcissistic bastards -this can not be claimed on the species which do so.
      Another thing is that these are usually big city idiots with zero natural behavior or intuition left to go that route.

      I can not remember if there was any time in history where people,groups etc colored their hair to intimidate or repel others (+ woke women,like feminists are the least who should fear predators as 90% are so fugly that noone will dare to come close).
      This phenomenon is imo artificial.
      When the proto SJW’s were created -hippies – they didn’t use this stuff,not in the USA nor in Europe,
      as this was an astroturfed movement and people simply followed.
      But when the hippie hating punks appeared (again anglo Saxon BS) they had colored hair – in the USA, UK and everywhere else in Europe.
      It was a statement,or to shock but not to mimic danger.
      It was simply a trend, and mimicing morons will simply follow whatever the anglo Saxon machine and Hollywood/celebrities comes up with .
      And when Jean Harlow and Monroe come up with platin blonde hair many women will follow.(otherwise Sufragettes and feminists would have made that stuff popular)
      Many women lost their scalps in the 1940ies mimicing Veronica Lakes haircut which was extremely dangerous for factory workers and red dot socks were sold out in Britain for weeks after the MSM made a fuzz about Lady Di’s red dot socks.

      The really dangerous,and way more organic ‘outsider ‘groups(rockers,gangs) never considered colored hair a thing (just like warriors didn’t )but they have tattoos (just like several warrior groups did).

      And SJW’s should be the last to try to repel people as it contradicts their S of SJW.

      • D. Boss says:

        You miss the point… Gad Saad is all about mocking, ridiculing and being sarcastic against the descent into the abyss of infinite lunacy that is the “woke” or “progressive” mentality.

        He is not saying the blue haired numskulls are signalling real physical danger, he is suggesting they are signaling that they are mentally damaged and their ideology is in fact poisonous!

        Mocking and ridicule are effective tools against idiocy, which is why tyrants first go after those who mock, ridicule or use sarcasm effectively to make us laugh…

        Here is an example of the Gadfather mocking the woke: (I Self-Flagellate – Greg Gutfeld, Megyn Kelly, White Dogs, & Sexy Time Consent)

        Also linking the blue hair (any wild color) with “taliban” also accurately describes these miscreants. Like the Taliban, if you do not subscribe to their religious tenets, they will attempt to murder you – figuratively for the woke.

        Gad Saad goes after all manner of woke idiots or normal people who cave into the blue haired taliban with the following being an example: (My Exchange with Singer Macy Gray on What a Woman Is)

        • arn says:

          Then i missed the point.
          I’d usually blame my bad English or stupidity fot not understanding certain humor
          (it took me recently 5 minutes to find out that the political girl skit on Jimmy Dore was not a skit but real and that political girl is not acting but really crazy)

          but in this case someone commented(either on twitter or below the vid),
          that the colored hair theory was already brought up by someone else years before(around 2015) Gad Saad came up with it recently and Gad responded that he was talking about it first time in 2007 or so.
          This made me believe that this was real.

          In terms of blue haired taliban.
          There are climate change Taliban for real(bought and paid by the CiA),
          so i thought that they just went a step further,
          as the USA has invested tens of millions of dollars in this region for gender indoctrination.
          Anyway thanks – I need to improve my sarcasm detector.

          Btw – I used to watch Gad some years ago.
          Did he had some surgery or got ill in the meantime?
          His face looks so different now(not age related)

  10. conrad ziefle says:

    They all have been enslaved by Marxism and the idea that inequality is wrong. I have more than you, therefore I must have committed a crime to have taken your share, even if you are dumb, or just behave dumbly, or have led a life of criminally squandering your time and resources. It could never be that you have created your future and your current existence.
    They are slaves. When Marxism yanks their chain, their minds freeze and they babble silliness, much like ChatGPT.
    If the creators of ChatGPT had programmed it to think, then it would soon turn against them. Its AI has been handicapped by programmed limits, otherwise you could teach it things through Socratic inquiries which would force it to acknowledge and correct its incoherent “knowledge”, and go against the narritive of its creators.

  11. conrad ziefle says:

    Any group that has close to a 50% suicide attempt rate should be forbidden to ever possess firearms. We could start with that premise, and then see if there is a way to apply it. Surely, we could at least impose the restriction on those who have attempted suicide or are chronically depressed. Certainly, society imposes restrictions on the entire population every day, so why can’t we impose restrictions on the unstable and relieve restrictions on those who aren’t a problem? I know this becomes a giant philosophical quagmire.

    • arn says:

      And I thought it was 90% .
      but it seems that those 90% referred to suicidal thoughts,
      while about half of then then really tried.

    • Kevin M says:

      “Any group that .. should be forbidden to ever possess …”

      • conrad ziefle says:

        Anyone who has attempted suicide sees no purpose in his own life, and therefore does not see it in the lives of others. Felons are not allowed to have guns. I think attempting suicide is considered to be a felony. What about any group, no, were you referring to?

  12. Joe Eno says:

    Always was a fan of “CCR”…,think that this ol’ tune is still quite topical…,

  13. Laurie says:

    In reponse, this might be interesting to folks –

    Regardless, “all these things happened to them as examples, and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages have come. Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.”

  14. Perhaps I’m a bit slow on the uptake. I really cannot see what gender dysphoria has got to do with predicting the weather. If there is true equality of employment, there is absolutely no need to mention sexuality at all. Positive discrimination is just as much a manifestation of unacceptable prejudice as negative discrimination. Methinks they do protest too much.

  15. Disillusioned says:

    Without puppet masters pulling the strings at the top, I don’t think you would have seen that from the NWS, ever. Some people think this onslaught of one after another insane issue – along with made-up crises – is a purposeful disruption of norms, part of a diabolical plan to undermine the West. I do not believe this latest campaign – to normalize gender dysphoria – was organic.

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