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Lowest Extent In 13 Billion Years

Antarctic sea ice is nearly identical to 1986, but the press say extent is the lowest in 13 billion  years. 09_Sep/S_19860908_extn_v3.0.png 09_Sep/S_20230908_extn_v3.0.png ftp://osisaf.met.no/prod_test/ice/index/v2p2/sh/osisaf_sh_sie_daily.txt Antarctica’s Low-Ice Winter Should Only Happen Once Every 13 Billion Years | IFLScience Palm trees grew in … Continue reading

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Phasing Out Fossil Fuels

As fossil fuel usage continues to grow around the world, the UN continues to say they are phasing out fossil fuels. “UN warns world will miss climate targets unless fossil fuels phased out” ‘A critical moment’: UN warns world will … Continue reading

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