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NOAA Global Cooling 1974

Most forecasts of worldwide food production have been based on the assumption that global weather will stay “Many climatologists have associated this drought and other recent weather anomalies with a global cooling trend and changes in atmospheric circulation which, if … Continue reading

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The Symptoms Of Global Cooling

In 1974, global temperatures were plummeting and snow and ice cover was rapidly increasing. 29 Jan 1974, 5 – The Guardian at In the 1990 IPCC Report, a large increase in Arctic sea ice was observed from 1974 to … Continue reading

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Unanimous Global Cooling Consensus

Sixty years ago, the New York Times reported a unanimous global cooling consensus. TimesMachine: January 30, 1961 –

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1974 – Global Cooling Causing Droughts, Typhoons, Desert Expansion ….

The devastating food shortage that has millions of the world’s poor people in its grip is directly related to what climatologists increasingly suspect is a gradual global cooling process that is causing erratic weather changes from one year to the … Continue reading

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1977 : Drought Blamed On Global Cooling And Expanding Ice Caps

09 Jun 1977, Page 1 – The Daily Inter Lake at California Governor Jerry Brown warned of immeasurable disaster. LOS ANGELES, March 7—Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr., warned here today that drought‐stricken California was “facing a disaster of immeasurable … Continue reading

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CIA 1976 – Global Cooling Will Become The Central Issue Of Every Government

22 Jun 1976, Page 5 – The High Point Enterprise at

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New Video : The Global Cooling Heatwave Of 1974

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1974 – Global Cooling To Wipe Entire Nations Off The Map

In 1974, Australia’s Communist newspaper and the UN reported that entire nations were about to be wiped off the map by drought. “If sufficient action isn’t taken in the next few months, countries could disappear from the face of the … Continue reading

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1970’s Global Cooling Scare

January 30, 1961 – NYTimes – search nation, world, technology and Washington area news archives. U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming Front Page of the New York Times, July 18, 1970. US and Soviet scientists were worried about … Continue reading

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So What Would Global Cooling Look Like?

It is snowing in Malibu, Las Vegas and just outside Phoenix – and climate alarmists are predictably blaming the cold on global warming.  That implies global cooling would be characterized by heat.

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