1979 – United Nations Pushing Global Cooling

“Drought, floods, the failure of monsoons and the run of hard winters are all evidence, they say, that the world has come to the end of a spell of even-tempered weather which began in about 1910 and lasted until about 1960. This period has even been called “a little tropical age” by one of the more quotable of climatologists, Professor Reid Bryson.

What follows the tropics could be harder to live with — weather more typical of the 19th century or even of the “little Ice Age” which lasted between 1430 and 1850”

“One paper to be presented at the Geneva conference, by Lawrence Gates of Oregon State University, declares that “the carbon dioxide climate problem appears destined to become the major environmental crisis in the future, and its resolution will be a prime factor in the world’s future energy strategy”.

But the main paper on the subject takes a more cautious line. “Few, if any, scientists believe the carbon dioxide problem in itself justifies a curb, today, in the usage of fossil fuels or deforestation,”

The Age – Google News Archive Search

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  1. GWS says:

    The global cycles suggest it. Look it up. We should be glad that we are not freezing our butts off right now.

  2. Ivan Wainwright says:

    Quadrant, which is about the only conservative journal remaining in Australia, has just published the attached in Quadrant on Line, (free to all on the web), about the Climategate hoax. Very well worth reading. https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/doomed-planet/2022/11/climategate-the-film-boffins-turning-tricks/. BTW, an Australian PhD in elec. eng., (can’t recall his name), published a book on the Climategate Emails. If I can find the book on my Kindle, (currently out-of action due to a dead battery), I will forward details.

    • Eli the Pit Bull says:

      I’ve read that and it was undeniable evidence that proved the climate scam. (The emails)

    • Petit_Barde says:

      The very big question about ClimateGate is :

      – who had the big bals to leak the bombshell ?

      • spren says:

        They sure killed that entire story. They always claimed it was a hack when clearly it was an insider who had enough and conveniently placed the files in an organized fashion where they could be retrieved.

        That was 13 years ago now so I can’t remember the guy’s name or moniker. But he was CRU’s software jockey and he was trying to work his way through the very shoddy coding of their climate models and trying to make sense of it. He said it looked like it was all held together with chicken wire. He also said if he had to continue doing this crappy work he would likely kill himself. My bet is he is the one who decided he had to blow the whistle on all of these frauds like Jones, Mann, etal.

      • arn says:

        I do not know who leaked but I remember that at least here in Germany
        some in the media blamed
        the Russians for the leak.

        They were offended by those who have proven the and not by those who have committed it – those were the victims.

        This same strategy was later also used against Snowden and Assange.

    • It was obvious from the outset that the ‘Trick’ would be pure propaganda. Everything the BBC produces is propaganda. Every nature program or travelogue now has the mandatory reference to ‘climate crisis’. The net result is a loss of credibility of the BBC among the public, not the widespread panic sought by their fear porn.

      • spren says:

        It’s the exact same with any programming from America’s “Smithsonian Channel.” They have outstanding videography, but they always have to be woke and link everything back to the hideous “climate change.”

        Just a couple of weeks ago they had a show on the Pacific Northwest animals, and they focused on the lynx. You see, it has got so warm in the northern mountains of Washington that these poor lynxes, who are endangered and protected in Washington, have to migrate a short distance north into British Columbia where climate change hasn’t made it too warm for them. But there, they aren’t protected and often end up in trappers hands for their fur. Even the shows producers must realize how pathetic and absurd their claims are, but they are duty bound to make them anyway (government funding?).

  3. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Off topic but social media was a mistake. Big mistake.

  4. arn says:

    Fascinating how Climate Science went from
    ” few,if any scientists believe co2 justifies a curb in usage of fossil fuels ”
    “97% consensus and mandatory net zero”

    I wonder what happened in the meantime?
    The end of the ice age scare which forced experts to find new hunting grounds to make a living?

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