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RFK Jr’s Plan For $12 Gas

Taxpayers have paid seven billion dollars for seven electric charging stations, and RFK Jr. wants $12/gallon gas to force consumers into purchasing EV’s .

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Hockey Match

Earth was much warmer 5,000 years ago when atmospheric CO2 levels were lower – so people whose income depends on climate alarmism had to rewrite history.

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Hockey Match

There seems to be a competition for the most idiotic hockey stick. The 1990 IPCC report showed that temperatures were much warmer 5,000 years ago. ipcc_far_wg_I_chapter_07.pdf Evidence for this includes Arctic sea ice. Less Ice In Arctic Ocean 6000-7000 Years … Continue reading

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Giving Proper Credit

Arctic sea ice extent declined from 1979-2007, but since then the trend has been flat. In 2008, Obama healed the planet. He isn’t getting proper credit for this however from NASA, who predicted the Arctic would be ice-free several years … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theory!

Data tampering by NOAA is not conspiracy theory, and the evidence can be verified by any technically competent person.

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“No One Is Above The Law”

On May 29, Biden bragged that he was above the law. Then on May 30 he said “no one is above the law”

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CNN Experts Discuss Medicine

CNN experts Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo angrily discuss one of their many areas of expertise – medicine.

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Looking For Their Lost Keys

Nothing which governments are doing under the name of climate makes any sense. It is all a smokescreen to hide other agendas.

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Rapid Climate Change

The seamless transition from global cooling to global warming fearmongering was rather impressive.

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CBS News 1982 : One Fourth Of Florida To Drown

Four decades of global warming propaganda, right after the 1970s ice-age scare.

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