A Reminder Of The Psychopaths We Are Dealing With

Climate alarmists are not good people, and skeptics who believe “we should all try to get along” – simply don’t understand what is happening.

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The UN Created The Haitian Cholera Epidemic

The UN brought Cholera to Haiti, then along with the Obama administration tried to cover up the catastrophe they created.

What caused Haiti’s cholera epidemic? The CDC’s museum knows but won’t say.

In other words, the UN, Obama and Hillary turned Haiti into a sh*thole. But the press tells us that there were no scandals during the Obama administration.

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1918 Influenza Pandemic Killed 50 Million People

17 Oct 1918, Page 8 – Santa Ana Register at Newspapers.com

The 1918-1919 flu epidemic killed three times as many people as died in WWI, most of whom were young adults who lacked immunity to the virus strain. Many people died the same day they started feeling ill.

29 Oct 1918, Page 4 – Wilkes-Barre Semi-Weekly Record at Newspapers.com

22 Aug 1938 – INFLUENZA – Trove

January 1918 was third coldest on record in the US, after 2018 (so far) and 1977.

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I See The Coolest Stuff On My Bike Rides

All taken with my Canon SX720 pocket camera.

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Sixteen Degrees Of Arctic Warming From 1910 To 1939

Arctic winter temperatures warmed 16 degrees from 1910 to 1939.

29 Sep 1939 – What is The World Coming To? – Trove

The glaciers of Greenland and Norway were facing catastrophic collapse.

17 Dec 1939, Page 15 – Harrisburg Sunday Courier

January 11, 1939 was the hottest day on record in Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra.

11 Jan 1939 – HOTTEST DAY ON RECORD IN THREE CAPITALS Seven Deaths: Many People Collapse – Trove

Shade temperatures at Tea Tree Well, Australia were over 130 degrees for days during the summer of 1939.

12 Feb 1940 – A Hot Spot – Trove

All of this heat and melting ice wrecked the global warming scam and billions of dollars in funding, so NOAA and NASA simply erased it.


Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

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It’s A Bird Eat Bird World Out There!

Good morning for photographing birds, though one less than when I started.


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Top Academics And Politicians Looking To Blot Out The Sun And Make It Colder

With the US experiencing possibly the coldest January on record, our top scientists and Democratic Party politicians are looking to spray pollutants into the atmosphere and blot out the sun – in order to make the weather even colder.

10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

Last time we had winters this cold was in the 1970’s, and scientists wanted to spray pollutants on Arctic ice in order to melt the ice cap and stop global cooling.

Newsweek Cooling World

20 Nov 1974, Page 17 – Ukiah Daily Journal at Newspapers.com

Climate science has advanced quite a bit since then, and Scientific American now recognizes that extreme cold is an indication of unprecedented, excessive heat.

But that was until 13 hours ago, when Scientific American determined that cold was not caused by heat.

This may seem to confusing to laymen, who simply lack the credentials to understand the settled science and basic physics which reverses itself every thirteen hours.  But you don’t need to understand it, because Democratic Party politicians are forging ahead with plans to make the world even colder.

Researching How To Fight Climate Change With Geoengineering : NPR

It is unlikely however they will get this done before the record cold at the winter Olympics next month.

Organizers of winter games prepare for harsh cold at open-air PyeongChang Olympic Stadium

Global warming is the biggest scam in history, run by criminals and idiots.

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Settled Science Update

After lying about cold being caused by heat for the past five years, climate alarmists have changed their story to “it really isn’t very cold.”

It looks to me like January will be one of the two or three coldest on record in the US.

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Frozen Wasteland

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Before Jimmy Carter Turned Iran Into A Third World $hithole

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