July 18, 1936 – Hottest Day On Record In The Western US

There have been 11,500 summer days since 1895.  July 18, 1936 was the hottest and the only one which averaged 100 degrees (99.6F)  in the western US.

It was also the hottest July 18 across the entire country.

Three states reached 118 degrees (Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma) nine states were over 110 degrees, and twenty seven states were over 100 degrees.

States over 100F (38C) on July 18. 1936.

State           Temperature (F)
Kansas	        118
Missouri	118
Oklahoma	118
Arizona	        113
Arkansas	113
Nebraska	113
Montana	        111
California	110
South Dakota	110
Idaho	        109
North Dakota	109
Texas	        109
Utah	        109
Colorado	108
Minnesota	107
Nevada	        107
Iowa	        105
Wyoming	        105
Washington	104
Illinois	103
New York	103
Mississippi	102
Virginia	102
New Mexico	101
Oregon	        101
Ohio	        100
Wisconsin	100

Meanwhile, the Denver Post says the Denver Airport could reach 100 degrees tomorrow, which they say would be near an all-time record and would be due to global warming.

One hundred degrees actually happens almost every year at the Denver airport, and is five degrees cooler than the 105 degrees downtown Denver reported on August 8, 1878. A record that has never been beaten, despite the fact that the airport site is three to five degrees warmer than downtown.

The breathtaking level of ignorance and stupidity among climate reporters, seems to know no bounds.

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New Video : Extreme Fraud At The Union Of Concerned Scientists

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Extreme Fraud By The Union Of Concerned Scientists

During the hottest week of the year, the Union of Concerned Scientists has warned that we are all going to burn up in future summers, unless we take action to reduce emissions.

They generated this chart, with a bold statement and no uncertainty :

TABLE 1. Extreme Heat Will Become More Frequent and More Severe in All Regions of the Country


Their claim is that hot weather is caused by CO2. Yet The National Climate Assessment shows that hot weather used to be more frequent, extreme and intense in the US, and that it has declined sharply over the past 80 years as CO2 has increased.

Temperature Changes in the United States – Climate Science Special Report

Data from NOAA shows unequivocally that the frequency of hot days has declined in the US as CO2 has increased.

Midwest heat has declined sharply.

Northeast heat has declined.

Northern Plains heat has declined sharply.

Northwest heat has increased.

However, most of that increase occurred more than 100 years ago. Over the past century there has been almost no change.

Southeastern US heat has decreased.

Southern Plains heat has decreased.

Southwest heat has increased.

However, all of that increase occurred more than 100 years ago. Over the past century there has been no change.

All of the bold claims in the UCSUSA special report are baseless, particularly the claim that the US can control CO2 emissions. China is building lots of new coal fired power plants, and even if the US dropped off the face of the earth – CO2 emissions would continue to increase.

Climate change: Where we are in seven charts and what you can do to help – BBC News

With US emissions declining, China is on target to increase their lead, just as they promised President Obama they would do.

Climate Goals Pledged by China and the U.S. – The New York Times

As Beijing Joins Climate Fight, Chinese Companies Build Coal Plants

Chinese corporations are building or planning to build more than 700 new coal plants at home and around the world, some in countries that today burn little or no coal, according to tallies compiled by Urgewald, an environmental group based in Berlin. Many of the plants are in China, but by capacity, roughly a fifth of these new coal power stations are in other countries.

Over all, 1,600 coal plants are planned or under construction in 62 countries, according to Urgewald’s tally, which uses data from the Global Coal Plant Tracker portal. The new plants would expand the world’s coal-fired power capacity by 43 percent. The fleet of new coal plants would make it virtually impossible to meet the goals set in the Paris climate accord

As Beijing Joins Climate Fight, Chinese Companies Build Coal Plants – The New York Times

“Climate action” has no impact on either CO2 levels or the climate.

ESRL Global Monitoring Division – Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network

So who are the people behind this fraudulent study? They are defending science budgets and relying on feelings rather than data.

Rachel Licker works to defend climate science budgets and programs.

Kristy Dahl : Feeling Blue About Climate Change? You’re Not Alone.

It’s been a tough year for those of us in the climate change community. Each week has seemed to bring either a fresh report reminding us of how precious little time we have left to try to turn this ship around or a disaster that has climate change’s fingerprints all over it.

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New Video : Democrats Destroying Martin Luther King’s Dream

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It’s Not Your Imagination – The New York Times Is Getting More Dishonest

It’s Not Your Imagination. Summers Are Getting Hotter. Extraordinarily hot summers — the kind that were virtually unheard-of in the 1950s — have become commonplace.

It’s Not Your Imagination. Summers Are Getting Hotter. – The New York Times

The New York Times claims are the exact opposite of reality. The hottest summer in the Northeast was 1949, and the second hottest was 1955. There is no indication that summers in the Northeast are getting hotter.

The frequency of hot days in the Northeast has generally been low since the 1950s, with the notable exception of 1988, 1999 and 2002. Recent summers have been among the coolest on record.

The Northeast US has had seventeen days since 1895 which averaged above 95F (35C.) Five occurred in 1911, and all but one occurred more than sixty years ago. The hottest day on record in the Northeast was July 3, 1911 and the second hottest was July 4, 1911.

7/3/1911    97.1
7/4/1911    96.5
7/10/1936   96.4
7/5/1911    96.2
8/7/1918    96.0
7/9/1936    95.9
9/2/1953    95.8
8/27/1948   95.7
7/5/1919    95.7
8/26/1948   95.7
7/22/2011   95.5
7/3/1898    95.5
7/3/1966    95.5
7/10/1911   95.4
7/4/1919    95.3
7/6/1911    95.3
8/28/1948   95.2

TimesMachine: July 4, 1911 – NYTimes.com

TimesMachine: July 4, 1911 – NYTimes.com

There have been many other terrible heatwaves in New York.


1896 Heatwave

Australia also had their worst heatwave on record during January of 1896.

TimesMachine: August 18, 1896

The 1901 heatwave killed thousands of people.

The 1911 heatwave killed thousands of people in New England and across the country.

The New York Times claims about heat are completely fraudulent, and their claims about cold and snow are equally as bad. In 2006, they announced the “endless summer.”

With Warmer Weather, Different Decisions to Make – The New York Times

The Washington Post predicted seven years ago that cherry blossoms would start blooming in January.

Could cherry blossoms one day be blooming in winter? – The Washington Post

January temperatures have been declining in the Northeastern US since the 19th century.

The New York Times cherry-picked a warm year which went against the trend, and declared it to be science.

The percentage of cold January nights has been increasing.

The warmest January in the Northeast was 1932, when the Lake Placid Winter Olympics almost had to be cancelled due to no snow.

16 Jan 1932, Page 1 – The Los Angeles Times 

Addison, New York was 74 degrees on January 14, 1932.


By contrast, January 6, 2018 was the ninth coldest afternoon on record in the Northeast. I flew to DC that day. It was unbelievably cold in the east. The average maximum temperature in the Northeast that day was 7.5F (-14C.)

Evil fossil fuels were keeping  the Midwest running, as the windmills were motionless.

Lots of ice around Chicago and southern Lake Michigan.

Lake Erie

The Potomac was frozen solid.

I nearly got frostbite on my face due to the high winds and very cold temperatures in DC on the evening of January 6, 2018. It didn’t feel like “endless summer.”

I found this leaf frozen into thick ice in the reflecting pool in front of the US Capitol on January 7, 2018. People were playing hockey right in front of the Capitol Building.

Summers are not getting hotter in the Northeast. Winters are not getting warmer in the Northeast.  It is not your imagination – the New York Times is lying about the climate.

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Our Top Progressive Intellectuals

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New Video : Fire Conspiracy Theorists

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Declining Heat In France

The graph below plots the average daily maximum temperature at all French GHCN stations in the northern hemisphere, for every summer day since 1895. The hottest day was July 28, 1947, which averaged 98F (37C.)

This year’s heatwave (so far) was nowhere near as hot as 2003, other than at a few stations along a narrow ten mile stretch in the south of France. We will have to see how the rest of the summer turns out.

I have been working on some new tools, which give me the ability to do some new types of analysis like this very quickly.

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Plummeting Midwest Heat

The Midwest has had only fourteen days since 1895 which averaged over 100 degrees (38C.) All occurred before 1937.  The  days were July 21-22 1901, July 21 1934, July 23-24 1934 and the incredible heatwave of July 7-15 1936 – nine consecutive days averaging over 100 degrees during that stretch. The hottest day was July 14, 1936 which averaged 106 degrees across the Midwest.


The Bulletin – Google News Archive Search

It is now very rare for Midwest temperatures to average over 90 degrees, and the average Midwest July/August temperature has dropped three degrees since the 19th century.

The hottest days have dropped about four degrees since the 19th century.

Meanwhile the criminals at the Union of Concerned Scientists claim the exact opposite, and want you to sign a petition that you “stand with science.”

Heat in the Heartland: 60 Years of Warming in the Midwest (2012) | Union of Concerned Scientists

They hid all the pre-1955 temperatures in their report, but even for the time period they covered they still are lying. NASA and NOAA are doing exactly the same thing – hiding the heat of the 1930s.  Huge amounts of money are dependent on keeping the climate scam alive.

NASA 1998

NASA 2019

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Second Anniversary Of The End Of The World

It has been ten years since Prince Charles (who wants to move into an 828,000 square foot house) announced that the world would end in 2017 – unless everyone else gave up capitalism and consumerism.

Capitalism and consumerism have brought the world to the brink of economic and environmental collapse, the Prince of Wales has warned in a grandstand speech which set out his concerns for the future of the planet.

The heir to the throne told an audience of industrialists and environmentalists at St James’s Palace last night that he had calculated that we have just 96 months left to save the world.

Just 96 months to save world, says Prince Charles | The Independent

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