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Huge Increase In Five Year Old Ice Coming Next Year

Julienne Stroeve at NSIDC has been saying for years that the Arctic is losing 5+ year old ice, and I have been pointing out to her for years that there is going to be be a huge increase in five … Continue reading

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Washington Post Explains The Most Transparent White House In History

“This is most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered.” In Obama’s war on leaks, reporters fight back – The Washington Post

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IPCC Reaches A Tipping Point

The IPCC has now completely disconnected with science, and its sole purpose for existence is to maintain funding and give totalitarian politicians an excuse to destroy freedom and free markets.

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McKibben Takes Climate Dishonesty To A Whole New Level

Twitter / billmckibben: ‘Weatherpalooza’ May be 1st … Fewest tornadoes on record : torgraph.png (610×397) Fewest forest fires on record in the US National Interagency Fire Center No US hurricanes so far in 2013. Obama’s presidency has had the fewest … Continue reading

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IPCC : 95% Certain That 18th Century Glacial Retreat Was Due To Your SUV

The Sydney Morning Herald Friday 13 January 1939 In Alaska glaciers had been retreating from 100 to 200 years, the average rate of recession being about 50 feet a year. The Antarctic ice- sheet also showed signs of recent retreat. “In fact,” … Continue reading

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NSIDC : Spectacular Growth Of Arctic Ice Proof Of Downwards Trend

The minimum ice extent was the sixth lowest* in the satellite record, and reinforces the long-term downward trend in Arctic ice extent. Arctic sea ice reaches lowest extent for 2013 | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis What they meant … Continue reading

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Terrifying Imagery Of The New Mexico Permanent Drought

I spent the day today hiking around the Pecos Wilderness in New Mexico, where I used to work as a wilderness ranger. Everything looks exactly the same as it did 30 years ago. The Santa Barbara River and the Rio … Continue reading

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