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If You Make Less Than $250,000 Per Year, None Of Your Taxes Will Go Up


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You Can Keep Your Health Care Plan

We will keep this promise to the American people. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. -Barack Obama [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfl55GgHr5E] Obama’s obvious joy at lying to the American people is … Continue reading

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2007 : Obama Said That Sub-Prime Mortgages Were A Good Idea

Obama said it was a good idea to give home loans to people who couldn’t afford them. Later he blamed Bush for the sub-prime collapse which he helped cause. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loullHyT5yU]

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Quiz For Climate Morons

If your window shade absorbs 99.9% of all incoming light, will two window shades absorb 199.98% of incoming light? If you believe that, then you are ready to become a climate scientist. LW absorption in CO2 bands has been almost … Continue reading

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Shock News : Australia’s Worst Fire In 1851 Occurred Before The Hockey Stick!

HadCRUT4.png (630×730)

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What Part Of This Isn’t Clear?

Democrats win House, promise new direction POSTED: 6:05 p.m. EST, November 8, 2006 (CNN) — Democrats promised Wednesday to lead the country in a new direction after winning control of the House for the first time in 12 years in midterm … Continue reading

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Nothing Progressives Love More Than A Victim

The last thing progressives would want to see is a properly protected school environment where things like this can’t happen. If a potential shooter knows that other people are armed, the shooting never happens. He never brings the gun to … Continue reading

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Obama Sued Banks To Force Them To Issue Sub-Prime Loans

Obama: Giving loans to people that cant afford them A good Idea! Obamas own word about how giving loans out to people that cant afford it is a good idea.. Case Name Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank Fair Housing/Lending/Insurance … Continue reading

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The Great Circle Of Life

It is time for these old dinosaurs to be sent out to pasture. America desperately needs new leadership, from actual Americans. Obama is digging this country’s grave, and the current leadership is too weak to stop him.

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100% Certain, And Wrong

August 5, 2013 This year “will without a doubt” rank in the top five lowest levels of ice extent ever recorded in the satellite era, and there is a good possibility that 2013 could rank second in terms of recorded ice lows, said Walt Meier, … Continue reading

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