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Constitutional Rights Officially Cancelled In California

Police execute a child for carrying a toy gun. California Sheriff’s Deputies Shoot, Kill 13-Year-Old

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Hayhoe Can See Global Warming From Her House

Local Scientist Defends Climate Change Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, director of TTU’s Climate Science Center, says you can see the proof of climate change right here in Lubbock. “Trees are flowering earlier in the year than they used to, here in … Continue reading

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Republican Frontrunners Looking Ahead To 2016


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Understanding Obamacare

Obamacare is easy to understand. The government is converting a long established private sector industry into a massive government flustercluck, with the net benefit being that millions will lose their insurance, millions will lose their jobs, and that all working … Continue reading

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Ahhh ….. Four Days Ago

Four long days ago, Obama was all over the news telling everyone else that they “have to change.” CBS News has uncovered a serious pricing problem with HealthCare.gov. Wu said it’s “incredibly misleading for people that are trying to get … Continue reading

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With Obamacare Falling Apart, Will McConnell Give The $2 Billion Back

Senate Republican leader McConnell agreed to sell out his party in exchange for some $2 billion pork barrel project from Obama. Will he now give that back?

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Question For Government Climate Scientists

Do you believe that tampering with data actually causes the climate to change?

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Nobel Prize Winner : Arctic Ice Free In A Few Months – World Spinning Out Of Kilter


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Government Has Given $75,000 Of Your Personal Money To Democratic Voters Since Obama Was Elected

There are about 50,000,000 actual taxpayers in the US, who have financed $3.7 trillion in welfare spending since Obama took over. That works out to almost $75,000 per taxpayer. Welfare recipients need lots of money for drugs and illegal guns, … Continue reading

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Obama’s Sweat Saved The Climate

Obama had to wait until late June to find a normally hot day in DC, then quickly announced an outdoor speech about bypassing Congress to save the planet. He combined a third-rate acting job with some brilliant comments about how … Continue reading

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