Hiding The Decline In Oklahoma

Temperatures In Oklahoma have declined half a degree since 1895. The fraudsters at NOAA didn’t like the decline, so they simply made it disappear.

ScreenHunter_10176 Aug. 24 08.02

They accomplished this through a spectacular hockey stick of adjustments, which increases post 2000 temperatures by more than one degree, and decreases pre-2000 temperatures by as much as two degrees.

ScreenHunter_10177 Aug. 24 08.04

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  1. liz says:

    I’ll trust the Oklahoma Mesonet data anytime…. http://www.mesonet.org/index.php

    It’s hard to adjust 100+ weather stations that record temps and other stats every 5 minutes. Check out the site locations for each station – pictures indicate that the equipment is properly maintained in fields and away from heat sources.

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