More Spectacular Climate BS From Jerry Meehl At NCAR

  ScreenHunter_10273 Aug. 30 16.11

ScreenHunter_10274 Aug. 30 16.12 ScreenHunter_10275 Aug. 30 16.12

The atmosphere contains about 20,000 PPM greenhouse gases. The increase of 100 PPM CO2 over the past century, represents a 0.5%increase in total greenhouse gases. The graph below shows the frightening reality. Nothing is happening to the climate system.

ScreenHunter_10277 Aug. 30 16.20

CO2 absorption spectra is largely saturated by 30 PPM, and the small increase in DLWR over the last century is mainly due to increased blackbody radiation as CO2 increases.

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  1. R. Shearer says:

    Slightly OT: but why doesn’t Meehl’s or Trenberth’s salary show up in Federal databases? Could it be they work for a contractor, such as, UCAR and aren’t subject to FOI? I know the director of NREL’s annual compensation is close to $1 million. Gavin Schmidt apparently “earned” ~$160K in 2014.

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