Science Is Real

Science is real, and we will prosecute you if you dare question our junk science global warming scam.

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36 Responses to Science Is Real

  1. Chuck says:

    Where is this stupid sign at in my state?

  2. gator69 says:

    They are correct, no human is illegal. But it is actions we deem legal or illegal, not people.

    Women’s rights are indeed human rights, women are human (mostly).

    Human life matters regardless of color, CO2 is life (as I’m sure someone here will point out), love is (yes) love, and science is a pusuit.

    God leftists are mindless apes.

  3. Jl says:

    “Water is life”. So is CO2, idiots

    • Arn says:

      Water without co2 is not life.
      As water allone is nothing but water.
      Just like co2 is not life without water.

      But when you combine those molecules than
      you have life.

      But that’s not the only dumb thing written on the sign.

      Just as only water is life for those idiots
      only black life matters for them
      but not the yellow,red skinned and white ones.
      (a pretty primitive stereotypic person without a sense of critical or idividual thinking skills must have written the sign)

  4. Brad says:

    “Love is love” do you suppose they include phedophillia? Beastiality? Incest? Bigamy? Polygamy? Or do they draw a line of sexual deviance at homosexuality?

  5. GeologyJim says:

    Looks like a “cut and paste” assemblage from a bunch of bumper stickers

    Mostly slapped on Subaru
    and, of course, the all-time Virtue-Signal … … … Prius

    Where is the “COEXIST” and “CELEBRATE DIVERSITY”?

  6. Mac says:

    Yeah, science is real, but I would bet any amount that the people who live in that house know nothing at all about science, and never had any science education whatsoever beyond 9th grade earth science.

    So, when you arrogantly say stupid things like “science is real” without personally having any knowledge of science at all, what you’re really saying is, “I blindly follow and believe whatever my dear leaders tell me is the truth without questioning any of it.”

    That’s not science. That’s a religious cult pretending to be science. That’s a medicine man pounding on the animal skin drum while dancing around the bonfire.

    • I attended an organizing meeting for one of the “March for Science” events.

      I introduced myself as a physicist who had spent 12 years performing government funded research. At that point eyes glazed over and my participation was at an end. These are the folks who believe that Bill Nye understands science.

  7. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    Apparently this was started a by Kristin Joiner (Wisconsin activist/artist). She has a copyright on this drivel and is hoping to make some bank off of it (but only to support the health, safety and economic security of Wisconsin women and girls of course):

  8. Tab Numlock says:

    I can envision their head severed by Mexican gangs someday.

  9. mat says:

    Read between the lines…

    I’m unarmed….

    Rob me…

  10. RAH says:

    A house governed by simplistic platitudes for simpletons.

  11. Latitude says:

    science is real………..

    Medical studies are almost always bogus

    • cdquarles says:

      Not quite, unless deliberately malformed. The trouble comes from taking these studies beyond their limitations and ginning up trouble for the sake of making a tyrannical government.

  12. I think we all understand that the debate on climate change is a political death battle about stealing $100 trillion.
    Many, I think most, who post such signs want to destroy Capitalism, Democracy and Freedom. For our own good, of course. Lots of those folks are sincere.

  13. CO2isLife says:

    Congress Should Investigate the Peer Review and Publication Process

    It is almost unfathomable to believe that a survey performed through a simple search of journal article performed by a “researcher” with an Anti-Trump book in the works can be justification for spending TRILLIONS of US taxpayer’s dollars.

  14. just a thought says:

    “…and if you don’t agree, we’ll hurt you!”

  15. Frank K. says:

    In this house we believe…

    – War is peace.
    – Freedom is slavery.
    – Ignorance is strength.
    – Who controls the past controls the future.
    – Who controls the present controls the past.

    And remember…

    Big BrotherGoogle is watching you!

    love, Winston.

  16. Bad Andrew says:

    No human is illegal, but we’ll see that you are aborted while you are still defenseless.


  17. Toolman says:

    Technically Science is not real,that is you cannot show it to me,it has no physical reality.Science is a methodology which can prove or disprove a theory,equation or premise. These memes are equating Science with a religion that must be accepted,(as they define it), or your a heretic. All lives matter and the BLM movement has not been good for the Country.Spreading hatred is not a path for change,its only created more bigotry.

    • cdquarles says:

      Um, science is real, but it isn’t an independent being. Not quite the same thing. Existence exists. Intellect exists, even if a body doesn’t possess it.

  18. RAH says:

    Well it looks like the axe is finally falling and trimming off some of the Green Blob:

  19. Gamecock says:


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