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Afternoon Pix

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Awesome Morning For Wildlife Photography

Doesn’t get much better than this. All taken in wetlands on the CU South campus, which CU and the progressive City of Boulder want to destroy.

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New Video : Extreme Sea Level Fraud At Climate Central

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Top Pictures From This Afternoon

It has been snowing non-stop for 24 hours. Makes for fuzzy zoom photos. Look closely at this one.   Little duck. Big duck.

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Arctic Fraud By Government Scientists Reaches A Tipping Point

All winter, climate scientists have been saying the Arctic is “super-hot” “melting at a record fast rate” and “at a record low” In fact, Arctic sea ice extent is the highest for the date since 2013, melting at a record … Continue reading

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Global Warming And The Early Spring

Climate experts tell us that global warming brings an early spring. I did a Google search for “global warming early spring colorado.” This is what came up. Based on today’s forecast, today will be the fourth coldest April 29 on … Continue reading

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Excitement Builds For Today’s Global Warming Protest In Denver

Progressives are driving their fossil fuel powered cars from great distances this morning, to protest the fact that the government allows them to purchase gasoline. People’s Climate March My dogs are excited about this opportunity to stop man-made overheating of … Continue reading

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Cool Stuff From This Afternoon

This guy got too close to the freeway and took off in a hurry.

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The People’s Global Warming March

Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge,  is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods. Albert Einstein “The people” will be marching tomorrow in Denver to protest global warming. People’s Climate March The intrepid … Continue reading

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Family Life

It is a gorgeous morning in Boulder, but the snow is going to start soon. The Red Tailed Hawk couple is tending to their eggs. I saw this couple for the first time. Some kind of very small ducks.

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