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US Drought At Historic Low Levels

Thirty years ago, James Hanse told Congress that global warming was going to make droughts worse. FEROCIOUS STORMS AND DROUGHT SEEN – NYTimes.com Ten years ago, the IPCC confirmed this. Global Warming: Beyond the Tipping Point – Scientific American Joe … Continue reading

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Another Great Day For Ducks

The rain hasn’t stopped here for days. 

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The Heatwave Of May 11, 1896

On this date in 1896, the eastern US was experiencing an ongoing amazing heat wave. Almost the entire eastern US was over 80 degrees, and much of it was over 90 degrees. Selinsgrove, PA was 93 degrees, almost 40 degrees … Continue reading

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Climate Science As A Criminal Venture

One hundred “climate scientists” announced yesterday that Arctic sea ice is melting twice as fast as expected, and has passed the point of no return. They say it will all be gone soon. Ice In The Arctic Ocean Is Melting … Continue reading

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The Wildly Fraudulent TOBS Temperature Adjustment

NOAA massively tampers with US temperature data, to turn a 90 year cooling trend into a warming trend. Their main excuse for doing this is Time of Observation Bias (TOBS.) NOAA says that station operators in the past used to reset … Continue reading

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Top Pix From This Afternoon

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