New Video : The February Hurricane Of 1493

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  1. Terry Shipman says:

    Your statement that history is no longer about what happened in the past but is now about social justice leaves me depressed. Unfortunately, this is true. Just recently I found out my favorite college history professor, Dr. Charles Kenner, passed on several years ago. He gave me such a love for American history, especially the history of Western US. He would be so disheartened by these fraudulent attempts to scrub history under the guise of political correctness. He taught me that there are two facets to the study of history. First, the facts of history. Second, the interpretation of history. One never, but never, changes the facts of history. The meaning of these facts can be argued to one’s heart’s content. Okay, some people don’t like Christopher Columbus. Fine. But that’s no reason to discount his ship’s log. That is a very important piece of history.

    Tony, this is why I like your blog so much. You sniff out the facts of history as a good historian should. I have learned so much since I discovered your site. The other day you were quoted in an article on the Principa-Scientific site and a commenter chose to launch a personal attack on you. He didn’t try to refute your data. He simply attacked you. My blood pressure went sky high as I saw red. Other commentators jumped in and slapped this idiot down.

    But, as one who has a degree in history, I know your research is solid and I will just keep reading.

    • fred harwood says:


    • Don Gaetano says:

      Thanks for that Terry. Going to be a long battle unless the climate helps us out sooner, my thinking. I’m learning a lot too.

    • -B- says:

      “He didn’t try to refute your data. He simply attacked you. ”

      That’s SOP I’ve found. The more sound the argument is the more personal the opposition gets.

    • Excellent comment Terry. I agree unequivocally. I too admire Tony for his research, his intellect and his integrity. His contribution to this debate is of great value. My concern is that we, as a society, are faced with a significant challenge; one of ensuring the everyday person is exposed, even-handedly, to all sides of a debate. Society in the West created State funded broadcasting organisations in an attempt, I thought, to ensure a higher likelihood of truthful, unbiased reporting. Instead, organisations like the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the British Broadcasting Corporation and National Public Radio are promoters of ignorance, false facts and propaganda. They have become advocates for the sinister (the sophist name of which is “progressive”) side of politics.

  2. Hahns Copeland says:

    Tony please take a look at this fake news –

    Thanks for your good work.

  3. Don Gaetano says:

    Thanks Tony. Thankfully my family entered at Ellis Island. Worst that happened to them was getting the names confused. Can’t imagine historic sailing…..

  4. Tomsa says:

    Hurricane Hazel, yes a disastrous hurricane for Canada. We lived in Nova Scotia, a large tree outside my bedroom came down fortunately it fell between two houses. Just a correction on the people killed in Toronto, it was not from a storm surge from the lake but rather a dam bursting on the Humber River sweeping away many homes which were built on the flood plain. Also other rivers flooded killing many As a teenager we lived close to the Humber and used to bicycle down to the river and see the remnants of basements. No houses may be rebuilt on the Toronto floodplains.

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