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The Clown Show Never Ends

Merkel urges action on ‘threatening’ climate crisis in New Year message  And thirty years ago ….. 7 Nov 1990, Page 13 – at

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Science Is The Belief In The Ignorance Of The Experts

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Before Jay Inslee

Forty years ago, Washington State had an actual scientist for governor. She recognized that both global warming and the ozone hole were scams. 05 Jun 1992, Page 4 – The Gettysburg Times at

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Optical Illusion

The world appears to be burning up, because the human eye sees reds much more readily than blues. Climate Reanalyzer But by turning the color saturation up, it can be seen that there is nearly as much blue as red … Continue reading

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New Video : Clock Is Ticking On Climate Fraud

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Thank you!

People have been extremely generous this month, and are making it possible for me to not work, and do what I want to do with climate. I have been focused on content, and have not done a good job thanking … Continue reading

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New Video : Potholer’s Latest Strawman

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Near Record Fraudulent Arctic Reporting

The Weather Channel claims the Arctic was near record warm in 2019. The Danish Meteorological Institute shows that winter temperatures near the North Pole were 5-10C cooler than 2016, and that summer temperatures were below the 1968-2002 mean. 2016    … Continue reading

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Lies, Damned Lies, And Climate Science

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Listen To The Experts

UN climate expert Leo DiCaprio, seen here with a few of his climate models using plastic straws – while standing in the ocean.

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