Beckwith And His Cat Are Back

Paul Beckwith said the Arctic would be ice-free in 2o13.  Now he says 2023.

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  1. Gerald Machnee says:

    Same as the rest of them repeating and delaying the errors of their ways.

  2. GeologyJim says:

    Tony –

    I think you meant “First two months of 2020 …”, not 2019

    Wish I didn’t have to, but I return from Tucson today

  3. G W Smith says:

    When the narrative is more important than reality, just bend and twist reality till it fits.

  4. Ian Tolley says:

    Tony, have you made a mistake? You’ve written ‘The first two months of 2019…..’ Shouldn’t that be 2020?

    2019 or 2020, I sure look forward to my ocean cruise across the breadth of the Arctic in 2023.

  5. GCSquared says:

    But wait! It’s different this time. Really.

  6. Dave N says:

    Lol! “PeterSmartpower”… has had a power failure in his “smartness”

  7. Bjørn Rudholm says:

    There’s no need for cartoons anymore, with these “funny” characters spreading entertaining news…. It must be a very stressfull and traumatic life they embrace day by day, when they publish “The Exstraordinary and Exstreme Climate Changes”. It’s scary how the lack of science walks along the lack of conscience 😵

  8. I know a hairy brown Dog of Dogs that would like to meet & eat that cat.

  9. Hey Tony:

    Been a big fan for years.

    Look at your site several times a week.

    Enjoy your honesty and intensity, really appreciate that. So refreshing.

    I have not seen any explanation from anyone in the press on what event caused the low ice area last Spring 2019. Have you written anything on that, love to know the scientific cause. I know I can count on you for a clear explanation.

    From years of viewing you site including quite a ways back in the Steve Goddard days I have seen you as a view of reason in the darkness.

    Regardless of whether or not you have time to respond, I want you to know I really appreciate what you do. I have supported you through out, and even donated on a couple of occasions as you are a voice in the wilderness bringing light out of darkness.

    Best regards, keep up the good fight.

  10. Bryce Pettit says:

    There was a Jan 10 article by Jason Samenow in the Washington Post that talked about this. He quotes Jonathan Martin, a professor of meteorology at the University of Wisconsin, as arguing “that the size of the “cold pool” over the Northern Hemisphere, which is indicated by temperatures of 23 degrees or lower a mile above ground, ranks as the smallest on record for December and early January.”
    Also, “Martin’s research has shown the size of the Northern Hemisphere cool pool shrinking over time, an indicator of climate change.”
    I don’t know the details of the history. Could someone comment?

  11. Remember cold fusion? Pons and Fleischmann told fake media they had a fusion reaction going on a kitchen table, and the fake science suckered other teams into reporting confirmation. It turned out the neutron detector was sensitive to heat in a way that caused it to generate false positives. Since then the experiment has been carefully gone over a number of times, but Pons and Fleischmann never admitted they were wrong. René Blondlot went to the grave insisting his 1903 N-rays were real. The Vatican seldom mentions the Turin Shroud fraud, but insists on its miraculous nature science be damned. Today, with government schools churning out fratricidal shooters instead of students educated enough to solve a triangle, econazi pseudoscience has no incentive to back down.

    • Scissor says:

      Pons and Fleischmann spawned an entire scam industry tied to their sloppy work. (Sound familiar?)

      Andrea Rossi and Randell Mills, for example, independently have taken investors for over $100 million each in the decades since. Some of their “investments” were taxpayer funded. To this day, they have a cult-like following. Rossi is a convicted felon and served multiple sentences, unlike the Harvard medical doctor Mills, who has only been accused of fraud.

      Nevertheless, each follows a script whereby they make promises of product delivery within the next year of year and a half. They often make changes in direction of their “research” or product construction and hold public demonstrations every so often, never delivering on any promise. They are internet savvy, controlling the narrative and promoting future potential riches.

      This has been going on for decades.

    • Toby Gettins says:

      There is no ‘Turin Shroud Fraud’.

      The Shroud has undergone far more scientific testing than any other relic in human history.

      The 1978 STURP Investigation and subsequent investigations were/have been remarkably thorough. All of the evidence is consistent with the Shroud being the burial cloth of Jesus.

      The anomaly is the carbon dating exercise that took place in 1988. This famously tested matter taken from parts of the Shroud that had been repaired in the 14th century.

      This isn’t the place for fuller discussion: so let me encourage readers to check the modern Shroud literature for themselves. You will find it fascinating.

  12. Peter Carroll says:

    He only pushes his predictions back 10 years? Every “climate scientist”, worth his/her salt push theirs back by at least 30, just to be sure.

  13. gregole says:

    Busted prediction.
    Who listens to these fools? Other than to point out their lameness.

  14. D. Boss says:

    Typical Climate Cult propaganda. “I believe” it should be ice free, instead of objectively stating here is what it really is doing, and what it had done in the past….

    However, arctic has been nearly ice free in the Holocene, and has been growing for 4800 years:

    Quotes from the article as follows:

    “not only were there much warmer (4 to 5°C) northern Greenland temperatures 10,000 to 8500 years ago, but effectively sea ice-free conditions pervaded the region during this time.”

    “The sea ice in the region has been growing “continuously” for the last 4800 years, reaching its peak during the last millennium.”

    “The authors also find decadal- and centennial-scale periodicities in solar activity have coincided with variability in Arctic sea ice (IP25) throughout the Holocene.”

  15. Terry Shipman says:

    Of course sea ice will totally vanish. At some point in earth’s future the sun will turn into a red giant. The oceans, at that point, will simply boil away.

    So it is entirely correct to say sea ice will melt. Just don’t hold your breath waiting for it. I won’t live to see it, thank goodness.

  16. jack b :-) says:

    The only thing that is receding over time is his hairline.

  17. tom0mason says:

    The Arctic sea ice will vanish, yep I hope so.
    Doubtful this will persists during the winter months though as it get too darn cold there. However it will not detrimental to humans or animals as to urge to survive will find a way to keep surviving.
    For humans that would mean that a trade route just opened up and will be usefully exploited.
    The fly in the ointment is why the Russians and Chinese feel the need to build new bigger and better ice-breakers?
    So Paul Beckwith what is the downside for having no summer sea ice in Arctic waters (apart from stopping your entertaining but useless comments).

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