If Only I Had Greta’s Qualifications …

If I was a 17 year-old who didn’t attend school, perhaps journalists would talk to me about science.

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30 Responses to If Only I Had Greta’s Qualifications …

  1. TomRude says:

    This means only one thing: a coordinated campaign on the Guardian is coming…

  2. GeologyJim says:

    George Moon Bat says it all!

    • arn says:

      The guy who “discovered” Greta is a friend of
      Al Gore.
      And Gretas mom got the person the WWF person of the year award
      just a few month before she became famous.

      How big are the chances to be blessed with so many “coincidences”?
      1:1 billion
      1:1 trillion?

      They pulled the same shitshow when they tried to establish
      a new world religion with Krishnamurti almost a hundred years.
      He was the chosen,
      his brothers and fathers too
      and his ‘chosen’ advisors were all people who were close friends or relatives
      with those who created and ran the cult .

      One coincidence after another.

    • Dennisa says:

      “Hero”? Shouldn’t that be heroine? But then she is an Actore!

  3. Gator says:

    Just goes to show what an intellectual lightweight Monbiot really is. He looks up to know-nothing child puppets.

  4. LHey says:

    George Monbiot
    “I love not man the less, but Nature more.”
    Not blocked for me …

  5. LHey says:

    Again on the timeline of George Monbiot
    From now on, anyone denying climate science on my timeline immediately gets blocked.
    There are no excuses any more. We don’t have time for this nonsense, and I don’t want my followers distracted by it.

    How dare you, to block honest people !

    • Logic Reason says:

      In other words, he lives in his climate alarmist bubble. But that’s the left for you. Mombiot epitomises the rather old fashioned word – prig

  6. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    Last year someone asked a question in New Scientist magazine, “From an environmental perspective, is it better to eat imported foods like tofu, quinoa and sweet potato, or beef from a farm a few kilometres up the road?”

    As a well known and highly qualified scientist, George Monbiot took it upon himself to answer – as follows, “This question is easy to resolve. In a paper in Nature last year, a team led by Timothy Searchinger of Princeton University examined the impact of various foodstuffs in terms of carbon. This shows that protein from beef is 73 times worse than protein from soya.”

    “A kilogram of beef protein has the equivalent carbon emissions of a passenger flying from London to New York and back. The overall carbon cost of 1 kilogram of beef protein is equivalent to 1250kg of CO2. Aircraft emissions for long-haul flights are roughly 110 grams per passenger per kilometre, and the return distance is 11,170km – so 1229 kg of CO2.”

    “In discussing the carbon costs of food, we have greatly exaggerated the role of transport and greatly downplayed the impacts of land use. With the exception of food that is flown, transport tends constitute a small proportion of total carbon cost. The crucial environmental task is minimising the area used by farming. Beef is a highly inefficient use of land. Soya grown in prime sites, is a very efficient use of land – though not without its own major problems.”

    “It is also worth noting that there might be more soya in your steak than in your slab of tofu, as the great majority of the world’s soya is grown for animal feed, and conversion efficiencies (especially when producing beef) ensure that you need to pump far more protein into an animal than you get out. So even if you want to eat less soya, you should eat soya.”

    You can see this drivel for yourself at . . . https://www.newscientist.com/lastword/mg24332431-300-beef-with-tofu-is-local-beef-better-for-the-planet-than-tofu-imports/

    • Crispin in Waterloo says:

      I was recently back in Eswatini after a gap of 11 years. They raise prodigious amounts of free-range beef herded by small boys (child labour). The CO2 net equivalent of those cattle is zero save the overall influence of increasing scrub tree cover (which is not seen in areas with native animals in concentration – elephants are particularly destructive).

      The idea that beef has a “carbon dioxide footprint” of 1229 x ~250 = 30 tons/animal is so foolishly self-evidently wrong it needs need for further examination.

      Consider the 100m bison (like large cattle) that used to roam the great plains of N America. With an average weight of 730 kg


      they supposedly represent a carbon footprint (net emissions as a herd) of ~90 billion tons of CO2. I guess Monbiot is glad we wiped out that herd partially offsetting our dreadful industrial emissions. Were we to permit the herd to be re-established, it would be an environmental catastrophe, right?

      We should eat soya?? Soy beans are these days, a genetically modified crop grown on cleared sub-tropical rain forest and woody Savannah. I thought Monbiot was against GM crops and the clearing of forests for industrial scale agriculture. Logical petard, meet logical hoist.

    • Emslander says:

      Cattle graze on land that cannot be used for soy beans or corn. Cattle and all ruminants are highly efficient producers of protein. Scientists who don’t get out of their high rise apartments wouldn’t know this.

  7. Noel Herron says:

    What a complete tool he is!

  8. Steve Case says:

    DDT, Acid Rain, Global Cooling, 2nd Hand Smoke, Nuclear Winter, Attention Deficit Disorder, The Ozone hole, Global Warming, The Obesity Crisis, Asbestos, Climate Change, Gender Identification, The Climate Emergency etc. …. And it’s all bullshit.

    • Archie says:

      I’m going to assume your are serious. This is why people won’t ever take you seriously! Maybe take a science class so you can seperate the BS from the non-BS in your list.

    • arn says:

      All these stuff exists to justify the existence of the UN
      which is such a cesspit of parasitic nepotism
      that the president of the banana republic
      called USA made the wife(samatha powers) of his commie harvard prof
      ambassador to the UN.

  9. Ruby Gray says:

    That girl looks anorexic. Her baggy track pants can’t disguise her sticklike legs. The strain of all this is taking a big toll on her mentally and physically.
    Climate alarmism has stolen her childhood, when she ought to be happy and healthy, thinking about food and boyfriends like normal 17 year olds.
    Is she destined to be a martyr for “climate change”? If so, of course the climate realists will be blamed.

  10. scott allen says:

    Has anyone else noticed that little “Gretchen”, in every picture taken of her, she is always wearing different clothes, and there are about a thousand public pictures of her. Her carbon footprint in clothes has to be enormous.

    • paul courtney says:

      Scott Allen: I have noticed that, and each outfit looks like it came from Goodwill. Still looking for something about Greta that isn’t staged. I wonder if we leaked out that the “Greta phenomenon” is a right wing mole operation, would NYT cover it?

  11. Don says:

    Which one is Greta?

  12. Susan Ball says:

    George has lost his mind…

  13. johnbuk says:

    You could get to run our BBC for a day as well Tony, Nobel prize and then, who knows, somewhere high up in the UN.
    I’m afraid the adults have left the room.

  14. Susan Ball says:

    So am I blocked by Monbiot, or is it you, Tony?

  15. Peter Carroll says:

    Oh look! A mutual admiration society, of two.

  16. paul courtney says:

    Mr. Heller: Journalists DO talk to you about science in their published articles. They don’t write anything worth reading, though, because they don’t listen to you. Maybe if you skipped school more………

  17. Zane Sturm says:

    With apologies to the book of Isaiah—And a little child shall mislead them.

  18. G W Smith says:

    Throughout history there are examples of societies loosing faith in themselves and turning to youth to lead the way. And it always peters out once the adults wake up and realize that inexperienced youth do not have any special wisdom that people should worship just because they are closer to the door coming in. This is a repeating pattern for people who don’t want to think beyond appearances. CO2 is essential for life. Carbon is not a poison. Fossil fuel emissions do not drive the climate. Look up at that big fireball in the sky for a change.

  19. Mark Luhman says:

    My niece who is an MD comments on Journalist major in collage is not good, she state they and education majors were the dumbest in collage. Somehow reading them tells me she right. I have read stories that either parrot the talking point of some environmentalist group or give you no useful information, most of the time they do both.

  20. Logic n Reason says:

    Let’s give this courageous young lady some airtime – German student, Naomi Seibt. As a young teen she was a climate alarmist but she started to question the narrative that the alarmists spout. She is routinely condemned by the green lobby in Germany who accuse her of being a denier. She despairs at the way youth is being infected with the virus of climate alarmism and the lies that are peddled and is on a mission to try and change things.


    As for George Mombiot. The guy is a radical Marxist who at least did the UK a favour by helping to draw up a Labour manifesto so extreme left that it brought about the worst Labour defeat since 1935. He’s a pseudoscientific idiot, much beloved by the pseudos who pass for intelligentsia in the UK.

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