Is It True, Or Did You Hear It On CNN?

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10 Responses to Is It True, Or Did You Hear It On CNN?

  1. Disillusioned says:

    Fiction Writer Wanted

  2. Scissor says:

    Wouldn’t you think that 50+ million people drawing water from the Colorado River might have something to do with it?

  3. Gator says:

    CNN? Or NOAA?

    kNutson is spinning hard on attribution.

    The reports Knutson points to are clear to note that some events can be confidently attributed to anthropogenic climate change and some can’t (or can’t yet). “I think it would be good if Wikipedia entries also included some of that context,” Knutson said. “That’s my vision.”

    Great! NOAA “scientists” are now having “visions”. And really kNutson? Which events can you “confidently” attribute to anthropogenic climate change (why not Bigfoot)? Is your “vision” involved? Maybe voices in your head? What a complete and utter farce, and abandonment of science. Witch doctors are blushing, and conmen are jealous.

  4. Gator says:

    The Creative News Network? I believe Facebook is their fact checker.

  5. Sharpshooter says:

    Just a couple years ago it flooded so bad that I-8 had to be rerouted from Yuma up to Blythe; about a 100 mile total detour.

  6. Colorado Wellington says:

    Besides money and engineering, diverting the Colorado River basin water required actual science. Diverting the Progressives’ attention from the real causes doesn’t take any science. They just have to be told that they believe in science.

  7. Michael Brannigan says:

    Top form as usual. Look forward to posts. Factual, honest and funny too.

  8. Aaron Walker says:

    Tony, did you create the chart for the natural river flow above lake powell? If not, where did you find it? I work for a small utility in Nevada and I give a water report for our board of trustees each month. I have never seen that chart before and I would love to use it. Thanks

  9. Steven Parker says:

    Enjoy Costa Rica, my 2nd favorite country behind the U.S. Pura Vida! Of course, the government of CR is completely snowed on climate change, but I’ll forgive that in light of their wonderful national park system and legitimate renewable energy resources.

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