Virtue Signaling To Destroy The Environment

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  1. Mark KAJDOS says:

    Well said!

    I may be biased by my mechanical engineering and physics studies, but the push to “renewable” energy is insane and damaging to our environment. These things are ugly and where will they go when they break up?

    The best thing for proponents is to do what they preach – go off grid, use only electric cars, and vouch to never connect. It will definitely slow the amount of nonsense, and possibly even discovery of common sense.

    Good work, I am impressed with your work

  2. Tom says:

    You are so correct about the wind turbines. My nephew is in the business and agrees with you. However, the gas power plant info is misleading. If it is a coal or oil unit or a converted boiler unit, then you are correct.
    The smaller natural gas units HRSG, use two or three jet engines to heat feed water into superheated steam. They come online quickly with generators driven mechanically by the jet engines. The heat recovery pipes are empty until the engine starts and then feed water is added. The steam turbine which provides most of the electricity will come online a few hours later. The feed water is held in an insulated and electrically heated to stay liquid.

  3. Mack says:

    Nicely done Tony.

  4. D. Boss says:

    Excellent presentation as always Tony!

    Yes, folks don’t realize what the “cycle” time is for electrical generating plants.. You mentioned gas fired, but here is an overview of the various types:

    Hydroelectric = almost instant engagement of power (perhaps 10’s of minutes)
    Oil or Gas fired = 6 to 8 hours to engage
    Nuclear = 3 days to engage.

    Grid managers need a mixture of these normal sources to manage the load. That is, you cannot “store” the power of the mains electrical grid, because whatever the present load is must be identically matched with generating capacity.

    So loads must be monitored and anticipated to manage the generating capacity at all times.

    Furthermore, while you can “throttle” the various modes of generation to a small degree, there is an issue with throttling that most are unaware of: Here in N America we use 60 Hz. And depending on the diameter of the big megawatt generators, and the number of poles in their magnetic geometry, this corresponds to a set shaft rotation speed.

    These big behemoths have a peculiar resonance, just below 60 Hz where if this resonance is allowed to continue, will shake the generator to bits. When load increases, this tends to slow down the generator speed unless you can throttle up or add other generators to compensate for the load increase.

    But because of this destructive resonance at just below normal operating speed, there are emergency “trip” routines if the generator shaft speed/line frequency drops more than a set value. The trip will disconnect that generator and apply emergency braking to pull the shaft speed below the destructive resonance quickly.

    Of course if it’s driven by steam you also have to shut off the heat source for the boilers – and then it takes some fraction of the above “engage time” to ramp up again.

    This is why a cascading blackout has and will occur again. (these emergency trip routines are automatic and if the operators get behind in compensation or something unforeseen occurs at a bad time – one will trip, which causes another to trip, and so on in a rapid cascade failure)

    And due to this aspect of the mains grid, if you are a solar or wind power generator – you have to allow the grid operators to shut off your feed into the grid. It is both in your contract with them and in specific hardware that allows them to shut off your feed into the grid instantly.

    So not only are solar and wind intermittent, but depending on grid load vs generating capacity, they can be and are shut off routinely to manage the grid load/generating balance….

    And as more and more intermittent (solar and wind) mains generating sources increase, the likelihood of cascading blackouts will increase because the generating side of the equation becomes less and less stable and predictable… As I recall this has happened recently in the UK – a cascading blackout because a big wind farm tripped out – which cascaded to the rest of the normal generators etc…

  5. Rosco says:

    When there were unsubstantiated claims about DDT killing birds it was summarily banned – at the cost of millions of deaths from malaria.

    Hypocrisy that Rachel Carson and cronies aren’t crying about this debacle !

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