Beaches To Disappear Again

Experts say half the beaches are going to disappear due to climate change.

Half of world’s beaches will disappear by 2100 because of climate change, experts say | Fox News

They also disappeared in 1987.

TIME Magazine Cover: America’s Vanishing Coastline – Aug. 10, 1987 – Weather – Global Warming – Environment

Southern California beaches disappear every winter, and come back every summer.

Coastal bluffs provide more sand to California beaches than previously believed

If climate experts knew anything about science, they would know that beach sand is largely formed by erosion of rocks, and that beaches follow sea level, which has risen 400 feet in the last 20,000 years.

And if journalists were actual journalists, they would talk to geologists about geology, instead of climate modelers – who live in a make-believe world.

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