Important Announcement

For the past twelve years I have been putting in large amounts of time on climate research, funded by my engineering work and the generous support of donors on my blog. Six months ago I made the decision to quit doing engineering work and focus completely on climate related issues – and since then I have been funded entirely by reader donations (i.e you) and a small amount of advertising revenue. This has allowed me to greatly expand what I am trying to accomplish. Over the past three months, my YouTube videos have reached more than 650,000 unique viewers. And it is all due to your support!

I have much larger plans for the future, and have obtained some additional sources of funding (unaffiliated with any energy industry) to assist in this effort. I will make an announcement about this soon. Working together, all of us can end this climate emergency mass delusion. Towards this end, I plan to create a larger media company with cinema quality video and possibly TV style programming.

Thank you for your support, and apologies that I have been unable to thank many people personally. My time is completely filled (10-16 hours a day) with generating content, but I will have some assistance soon to help with communications.

Being an election year, it is critical that we keep the momentum going.


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