This Date In 1936

On this date in 1936, much of the Eastern US was underwater. My grandfather was evacuated from a meeting in downtown Pittsburgh by boat.


19 Mar 1936, Page 1 – The Plain Speaker at

This came after a record cold February, and before the hottest summer in US history.

Wayback Machine

The Bulletin – Google News Archive Search

Wayback Machine

April of 1936 also brought one of the worst tornado outbreaks in US history.

11 Apr 1936, Page 1 – Weekly Town Talk

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5 Responses to This Date In 1936

  1. Steve Gouldstone says:

    The explanation for this is obvious.

    Climate change in the 21st century is so heinous that the effects have even gone back in time.

    I think the world should redouble it’s efforts to eliminate CO2 pollution to zero – before it’s too late for the poor buggers in the 18th century (who otherwise will be next).


  2. paul courtney says:

    Dear Mr. Heller: My goodness, what did people do in late 1800’s to destroy the climate in 1936? It was humans, right?

  3. G W Smith says:

    How soon we forget! It’s like it didn’t exist. Which helps the left/dems.

  4. People today simply don’t know #ClimateHistory ..

    Thanks for bringing it to us every week Tony!!
    Massive Climate Systems struck hard in the Past, Today we blame it all on CO2.
    Your Pal AL

  5. Mary-Anne Sillamaa says:

    Can you comment on this: . Thanks.

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