Fauci : People Should Not Be Wearing Masks

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15 Responses to Fauci : People Should Not Be Wearing Masks

  1. richard verney says:

    The thing about masks is not that it protects the wearer, of course, it does not protect the wearer, especially with the extra fiddling that Fauci alludes to.

    The puipose of the mask is that if the wearer has the virus and is a carrier, the mask protects others from that carrier. The person infected wearing a mask coughs, splutters, sneezes into the mask which captures most of virus and reduces its spread to other people.

    Hospital staff have traditionally worn masks to protect patients, who may have a poor immune system, from any illness that the doctor/nurse may be carrying.

    All of this has been known for decades.

    • tonyheller says:

      I have done lots of travelling over the past few months, and have not seen one person coughing or sneezing. Fauci said very clearly that people should not be wearing masks. If someone thinks they are infected with a virus, they should not being going out in public.

    • CBS260 says:

      Of course it would help if, while at the ball game he sat away from the other two people and didn’t have his mask down around his neck

  2. Charles Straw says:

    Because I completely blocked out mainstream media when the quarantine started, this is actually the first time I’ve heard Fauci speak…he reminds me of Mel Brooks or of some bad actor in a bad sit-com…he doesn’t seem that smart…is he smart?

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  3. TRM says:

    So with all the data being various shades of bad from the test kits that test positive for goat, papaya and pheasant to the different tests being done in different parts of the country and different countries counting deaths multiple ways to the USA counting deaths “with” covid-19 to be deaths “from” covid-19 what can be done? Some have suggested looking at “excess deaths”. It does make sense. If you truly have a pandemic then you should have an excess of deaths.

    Let us start with the hardest hit part of North America, the state New York. On the CDC’s website they list 2014-17 and there are about 120,000 deaths a year total. So since we are 1/3rd of the way through the year we should have around 40,000 deaths on average. I don’t know why 2018-19 are not included.


    Now to get the 2020 year to date we have to go to another page for “Pneumonia and Influenza” deaths, click New York state and then go through weeks 1 to 16 and then get the “Total Deaths” from the bottom right and add them up.


    For the first 4 months of 2020 it is 39,005 deaths.

    Now this doesn’t take seasonal variations, causes, late reporting or other factors into account . It will be interesting at the end of the year to see where the number ends at. So far there are no excess deaths.

  4. Old Grumpus says:

    Maybe, if Fauci says “no masks”, you need a mask to protect yourself from people who listen to Fauci?

  5. Scott K Jonas says:

    I don’t quite get the point of this post. Supposedly this interview was from over two months ago, when “experts” like Fauci were saying not to wear masks, but now many of them are saying that we should be wearing them? Further, I’ve seen a number of reports saying that Fauci is quite a scoundrel and is part of several medical cover-ups over the years. Just as with “global warming,” we have to be very careful which “experts” we’re listening to.

  6. GCsquared says:

    Nothing Fauci says should be trusted.

    He said there was no evidence for the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine shortly after Raoult did his first study. (Sorry, a trial doesn’t have to be a randomized placebo trial for its results to be evidence). Fauci’s been trying to suppress HCQ ever since, while jumping up and down with glee when a single trial out of several came out weakly indicating that $1400 remdesivir might help, even if 10% of the treatments have to be cut short because of liver problems. OTOH, several reports have shown that $20 HCQ usage would have saved lives that have been needlessly lost, without the dire alarmist side-effects exaggerated in the press.

    Fauci should be fired for bad judgment and criminal incompetence.

    • Nicholas McGinley says:

      Remdesivir is free.
      No one has paid a nickel for it, ever.
      And Gilead is giving away all the remdesivir in existence.
      They also just gave away the license to make it to over 140 countries, with no payments and no royalties.
      Again, free.
      Nothing like 10% of people have liver problems from remdesivir…that is fake news.
      As is the rest of your ill informed post.
      We have enough bad information going around…this sort of made up crap is unforgivable, IMO.
      As for HCQ…a growing mountain of evidence is showing it to be worthless.
      Early advocates are now backpedaling away from previous claims…including serial liar Didier Raoult.

      • Gerald Machnee says:

        Virtually all of the above has now been shown to be FALSE:
        It is likely that you watch CNN like many other people. So you would be subjected to the many fictional stories they tell under the guise of “News”.

        They use a yes man, Dr Sanjay Gupta to verify their medical stories. I have never seen Dr Gupta say anything positive about President Trump and at the same time he will not discuss certain treatments that work.
        We have now seen thousands of people die from COVID because of the media hatred for Trump after he won the election. They dies because treatments that work were cut or discontinued all due to anti-Trump sentiments which have spread to Canada and other countries. The details are below.

        In her posts, Donna Laframboise has written about Hydroxychloroquine and what happened. There will be more coming out about it and Ivermection in due course.

        After President Trump QUOTED a doctor who had success with a combo of Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc, he was denigrated by Fauci, Democrats, and the corrupt CNN. He has now been shown to be correct. Meanwhile, here in Canada everyone is in DENIAL about treatments that work and can save lives. Because of the MSM many have died in the USA and around the world. There are now about 200 studies showing the efficacy of HCQ, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Ivermectin:


        Oh, did you notice something? IVERMECTIN, the new kid on the block. Yes, the Japanese wonder drug which can be used in prevention and treatment.

        Did the media ever consider asking the medical community about it? You have already been informed and failed to do so.

        Now, here are a few more interviews for you to read and digest before your next critical article:



        It could save a lot of lives, starting immediately.

  7. Lissa says:

    I will wear masks as I am immune compromised. I wear one to protect myself. My masks are filled with hepa filters so no virus can get through. I will also wear a shield over it in order to protect myself.

  8. Rocky says:

    Just a note;
    The COVID19 symptoms do not include sneezing, or wet coughing, but instead it brings on a dry cough.
    Ergo, the reasons listed for the masks’ protecting against are fallacious, unless the patient has both a seasoned allergy, or the seasonal flu, PLUS the SARS CoV 2 (COVID19) virus.

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