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New Video : Stalin vs. JFK

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What Herd Immunity Looks Like

This is what Dr. Fauci is trying to prevent in the US.

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New Video : Dr Fauci’s Self Fulfilling Crisis

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The Definition Of Insanity

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No Correlation Between COVID Cases And Deaths

Over the past ten weeks, the number of daily reported COVID-19 cases in Sweden has more than doubled, yet the number of deaths has plummeted. The vast majority of deaths is Sweden were the result of nursing homes getting infected. … Continue reading

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Missed It By That Much …

On May 14, virus modelers at the University of Minnesota predicted 3,397 COVID ICU patients on June 29. Minnesota hospitals are readying for COVID-19 peak – And on June 29, there 140 patients in ICU.  They modelers missed by … Continue reading

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Twitter Cheating Update

Twitter made a big blunder today.  They “temporarily restricted” General Flynn’s attorney for “Unusual activity.” When Twitter does this, they empty to account’s “Following” list. Everyone whom she was following has now lost a follower. Twitter has been systematically removing … Continue reading

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Hawaii Tourist Economy Destroyed

Hawaii survived Pearl Harbor, but not Neil Ferguson’s virus model. Link

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Nancy Pelosi Not Satisfied With 40 Million Unemployed

Nancy Pelosi spent January impeaching President Trump and criticized him when he shut down travel from China. Now that death rates are plummeting towards zero, she wants lots more unemployed people. Coronavirus Bell Curve | Daily COVID-19 Statistics for the … Continue reading

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BREAKING : Benghazi Was Not A Spontaneous YouTube Protest

Judicial Watch: DOJ Records Reveal Obama White House Effort to ‘Evolve’ Explanation of Benghazi Terrorist Attack | Judicial Watch

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