The Matt Briggs Ballad Of Fear

The year of Our Lord 2020, the year where the highly educated and elites forgot all they knew about viruses, and treated a not unexpected, not usual pandemic as if were unique in all history, with no medical precedent.

Lo, the people believed the elites. And there was great fear.

The people said O, Government! Protect us! We have the right not to be sick! None were sick before like this.

And the government replied, We shall remove your liberties and hold back the baying forces of Nature, over which we have complete control.

The people said, “More!”

The people said, In all of history none suffered as greatly as we. We shall never return to normal. O, Government, please ensure this never happens again

The government replied, We shall restrict your movements and trace your comings and goings with greater vigilance forevermore

There arose certain brigands who riled the people. They said, Behold, this is not that bad. It has been much worse before. You misunderstand Nature. Your efforts are for little. Be not afraid!

The elites and highly educated formed patrols to hunt down the brigands.

The elites and highly educated ranged across the cyberland and purged and burned all traces of the brigands. They said, The people would be confused to hear the brigand message. It is better they listen only to us.

The people said, If we go outside early we shall die!

Then, since this is a fairytale, the brigands quit the land and ventured forth to form their own realm where cowardice, rank credentialism, and all manner of perversions against God were quashed.

And there was peace.

2020: The Year Of Fear – William M. Briggs

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4 Responses to The Matt Briggs Ballad Of Fear

  1. Chaeremon says:

    Fear is of and for academics and journalists in precarious employment, who defend politically ideologized lies with teeth and claws, while they fear that their overlords will be voted out at the ballot box.
    A deliverer at the front door, a cashier at the retail store, is the opposite of wanton fear.

  2. rah says:

    “White House Economic Advisor Kevin Hassett: No Correlation Between Economic Reopening and COVID Statistics…”

    Their campaign of fear will fail as will their campaign to isolate, silence, and destroy those that are not fearful. I’m pretty sure that when it all comes out in the wash of election day, they will find their campaign to have been not only a failure but in fact a damaging liability.

  3. Margaret Smith says:

    I never stopped going out and speak to others in – socially distanced – queues. I am in my 70s with a slight heart arrhythmia so am at some risk from any ‘flu. I am constantly surprised at the gullibility of so many people. Is it lack of a proper basic education?

    • Stewart Pid says:

      Margaret …. after 70 years of watching people I am surprised that u are suprised at the gullibility of people.
      Gullibility and just plain bone headedness. Or as Tony loves to say “the IQ of a turnip”.
      We had a major here in Calgary who said (in March) “we know we are likely over reacting but given the reports out of Italy etc we need to” …. I had said words to the same effect about 10 days before. What is amazing is to watch is how difficult it is to stop “over reacting” once it is firmly established.
      U keep going and going out!!!

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