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Twitter Promoting Riots And Safe Gathering Rules

You really can’t make this stuff up.

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Because …. Climate

It has always been about politics, and has never had anything to do with science.

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All Schools Open In Sweden

Unlike the US, Sweden’s approach to COVID-19 is based on actual science. They never shut down their primary schools, and are now opening their high schools and colleges. Requirement for distance education is eased –

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New Video : Global Weirding Of 1934

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Elections Matter

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Climate Fraudsters Censoring Both Sides

Green energy fraudsters are being attacked by both the left and right, and are using the identical lies against Michael Moore’s film as they use against me. Michael Moore film Planet of the Humans removed from YouTube | Film | … Continue reading

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Heatwave Of May-June, 1934

The US had an unprecedented heatwave during May and June, 1934. Temperatures in the Midwest and Upper Great Plains were over 100 degrees every day from May 26 through June 8, and peaked at 111 degrees on May 30.  Temperatures … Continue reading

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New Video : They Can’t Win A Fair Fight

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Twitter Censoring The President Of The United States

President Trump says he is willing to use the National Guard to protect the citizenry of Minneapolis, and Twitter has censored him for saying this. Social media is completely out of control, and has been engaged in a coup against … Continue reading

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Thank You President Trump!

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