Banned By YouTube

My YouTube account was skyrocketing in a hockey stick, with nearly six million views in the past four weeks.  So YouTube has quite predictably shut me down.


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50 Responses to Banned By YouTube

  1. Bob Rowan says:

    Kudos to you, Tony. I admire your commitment and tenacity and will follow you wherever you post.
    It is quite incredible how even so-called intelligent people restrict their information access to one or two mainstream media sources – most often cable television.
    I do my damnedest to broaden their access by pointing them to you.
    Don’t give up!

  2. Joe Stephans says:

    Move to and go around YouTube.

  3. Dave N says:

    It seems they are saying you cannot post “outdated” information of health authorities, regardless of whether or not the information was actually disseminated by that authority at the time. Presumably, information posted by those same authorities will also be banned – oh wait:

    What’s the bet that if you alert YouTube to this disparity, the WHO will start deleting their old videos?

  4. Conrad Ziefle says:

    WOW! What a bunch of crap. My contention has been that YouTube, Google (search engine), Facebook, etc. etc. are all communication utilities and need to be classified as such with the obligation to serve everyone. Let the FBI and police do the policing with regard to kid porn, subversive activity, etc. and take it away from these owners and their staff. Definitely, they are exercising police state like control over information, which bodes poorly for democracy, free thought, and the free exchange of ideas. Well keep posting here, I’ll be coming back. I also post links back to this website.

    • Neil bonsor says:

      A very good point. They depend on contributions from the public and should only be able to censor comments according to the law of the land. They are in a different category to newspapers which everyone accepts are entitled to edit themselves. There should be no difficulty in differentiating between the two

    • seth Hamilton says:

      Government in control of censorship doesn’t sound like the answer. I say we just move on down the line to another platform.
      What if we institutionalized MySpace? Would we all still be there?

  5. Lasse says:

    Thanks Tony H
    The German doctor can bee seen in other Youtube channels.
    It is hard to hide from the public.

  6. Barry Sheridan says:

    Are you going to move to BitChute Tony? As for the arrest of this doctor, that is another shabby action by the British government. We have history in this way I regret to say.

  7. arn says:

    “Funny”- my account was shut down at the same time.
    Seems posting comments on climate channels has become as much a violation of youtube NWO guidelines as exposing mass slavery in islam or racist mass rapes of children in britain.
    + i think the voter fraud will be so extreme this time as Biden won’t get even 30% of the votes outside of inner cities that they will have to shut down many other channels before the election

    for friends of numerology i’ve got some math.

    Bidens campaign number “go to joe 30330”
    Now let’s divide 2020 by the infamous 666.

  8. feathers says:

    Hey Tony – could you post a link so we can get to your videos hosted on other platforms? I’d love to see the “German Doctor” video, thanks for all that you do and keep up the fight!

    • Alexander MCCLINTOCK says:

      Snopes explain this screenshot as being the result of a retrospective renaming of materials that can be used for COVID-19.
      I think it’s likely that the SARS COV 2 virus was ‘made’ in a lab based on the ’12 bases that make it weaponized’. It seems unlikely it was deliberately releases from the lab – IMHO.

  9. MGJ says:

    I am sure this surprises nobody, it was always when not if, so at least you have had plenty of time to plan what to do. I am surprised Twitter hasn’t banned you yet for a similar, made-up reason.

    Both now contain little of interest beyond music videos unless you like dogs falling off logs or leftist death threats.

    There’s some good alternative platforms out there – Bitchute etc. – who can only benefit from Big Tech censorship. This assumes that come November, they don’t all get shut down or forced to censor as well.

  10. James Snook says:

    I normally visit this website to see your excellent videos but out of interest I just went to UTube to see if they had any sort of message about you being banned. They hadn’t and it was still possible to see the video that they objected to. Weird.

  11. Robertv says:

    Rowan Atkinson on free speech (2012)

    That was 8 years ago and it only got worse.

  12. David Henry says:

    I had a suspicion that when you added Kireye to your team they would feel more threatened by you and make up their usual violation claims to ban you. Thank you for all that you do.

  13. mwhite says:

    “12 Best Free YouTube Alternatives (2020) – Video Sites Like YouTube”

    do them all

  14. Hank Duncan says:

    Have to say this has me a little despondent. I thought we had a fighting chance with all your youtube posts Tony. It appears you need to post your videos on several easy to use outlets.

  15. Steve Cooksey says:

    All Tony does, through simple logic, is point out other people’s inconsistencies and he always takes great effort to share his sources no matter the topic. If it’s climate change or the virus or something political. Tony is not the one YouTube should have a beef with. It’s the liars Tony quotes.

    Where ever you go, we will follow, Tony.

  16. Jay Arce says:

    I am very sorry to hear that Tony as I am a huge fan. You still have Parler, gab and Bitshute.

  17. tom0mason says:

    I noted, from

    “Conservative radio host Dan Bongino has acquired an equity stake in the online video-sharing platform Rumble with hopes of competing with YouTube by establishing a platform where free speech is respected. “

    He is now posting (and financially involved with) . He still putting all of his content on YouTube but only as a back-up to the Rumble his account.
    You may wish to try this platform.

  18. sdr says:

    Try posting on BitChute as well as You Tube. It is my hope that BitChute will become a large competitor.

    I have no connection of any kind to BitChute.

  19. Brian D says:

    This is happening to lots of folks. Brandnewtube is another platform others are moving over to, so you might want to check it out, if you haven’t already. As these new platforms rise, the time to boycott globalist platforms nears, including other media forms(broadcast, social, e-print, cable, etc). Less views = less ad money for them. Hurt them where it counts.

  20. Leonard Harris says:

    Whoever it was at Youtube who took this action, they completely failed in their objective.
    I had no difficulty in receiving and listening to your video by other means.
    Youtube executives are totally deluded if they think that they can silence people in this way. The overwhelming majority of people value the truth, and will not only constantly espouse the truth, they will also relentlessly seek it out. In the end we will win this battle against the autocrats just as our forebears won the same battle in the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. But why should this be necessary? We need to make sure that this time we win the battle so completely that there is then a long lasting peace.

  21. Matt D says:

    Tony I cant say it enough – THANK YOU for all the work you put into your channel! Its such a great resource for me, I use it constantly by sending links to the sheeple around me.

    May “big-tech” burn in hell or at the hands of the insane mob they prop up.

    Looking forward to you & Totos return, and wondering if you are setting up ‘backup’ platforms for your content?

    Give Toto a belly rub from me :)

  22. Mark says:

    Dear Tony, My family just watched your recent videos on YouTube. Perhaps the ban was lifted? Maybe it was a scare tactic? We’re in the U.S. and we don’t use a VPN … we’re directly connected to the mainstream Internet.
    We really look forward to watching your videos. They are very educational and well produced. The graphs are amazing.
    No matter what’s going on now, please consider and/or as backups.
    Truth must Win.

  23. nfw says:

    Time to go to BitChute and BrandNewTube. There are nutters who comment on BitChute but they an be easily taken care of.

    YouTube hasn’t been a “platform” for a long time; it needs to be sorted out as a publisher.

    It’s nice to know that YouTube is under the control of the fascist racist Chinese Communist Party.

  24. Obsingoldsby Humblebee says:

    Tony, for months past your videos have been my first essential go-to stop every morning … I am ANGRY that this has happened to you … but I’m sure you won’t dilute or censor your content just to keep in with the YOUTUBE “cancel Culture”. I hadn’t visited your actual site before and am grateful still to be able to do that now: I look forward to encountering you on another channel: bets wishes to you and your charming team: and may your shafts continue to strike home!

  25. gregole says:

    This an attack on free speech, not to mention speaking truth to the authorities and directly confronting ignorant mobs. Keep up the fight – and time for the tip jar everybody – Griff that means you!

  26. Matthew says:

    YouTube has not been about “You” for a long time. Power-drunk tyrants have taken it over. Just like they are trying to do everywhere.

  27. Mark says: is great — thanks for the tip Tony!

  28. Jon R says:

    I can’t use Alphabet products due to conflict with my conscience, maybe now I can watch.

  29. Thaipixie says:

    Don’t forget to send complaints to U Tube fill their in boxes complaining about marxist censorship. It might not change anything but it will mess with them. I am in Thailand and I seem to get less censorship of the same videos so it is probably USA feminist moderators. But then I get mostly Huawei adverts, which is fine since I do not buy their crap.

  30. Tel says:

    Ron Paul had a similar problem.

    They started by outright telling lies that he had violated “community standards”. After some probing they admitted there were no community standards, only United Nations standards.

    YouTube does not allow content that explicitly disputes the efficacy of the World Health Organization

    Is that in their Terms and Conditions? Or have they violated their own agreement?

  31. Rick Lafford says:

    Keep up the great work Tony. You bring sunlight and fresh air to a sometimes dark and foreboding world.

  32. Gummans Gubbe says:

    “The Germans have experienced such government before, in the 1930’s and 1940′.”

    This is an absolutely forbidden statement. The national socialists were not socialists according to the socialists today.

    The youtube channel “TIK” has an extended (5 hours) video on why the national socialists were socialists, “Hitler’s Socialism | Destroying the Denialist Counter Arguments” (

  33. Disillusioned says:

    The social[ist] media control the content and member submissions, purposefully heavily discriminating against people with political ideas that don’t match with their own, while at the same time allowing people who match with their political beliefs to get away with practically anything. They are private, discriminatory clubs that advertise as public venues, and the blatant hypocrisy wreaks with the stench of favoritism and discrimination. Social-ist media venues control who and what gets into and what gets past their heavily guarded, monitored gates.

    They are nothing like the phone company. They are not neutral, and everybody – everybody – sees the giant elephant in the living room.

  34. Marooned says:

    Thank you for your work.

  35. Marko says:

    Welcome to the club. It’s getting larger and larger by the day.

  36. Jonathan says:

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for all your terrific work over years. I am here as a result of being sub’d to : )
    I’m sure you’re going to get lots of suggestions of alternative (to ScrewTube) platforms…in Australia it seems that people including myself are having difficulty streaming Bitchute (apparently censorship) ; so I have moved over to Lbry, and am finding Lbry to be easily streamed in my neck of the woods.
    Hope this is useful.
    Keep up the great content and regards to Toto, Kirye, and Kirye : )

  37. Paul G. says:

    Thank you again Tony, and please let us know where you’ll continue to put up videos so that we may keep up with all that is worthwhile by you.

  38. Ivan Stefanovic says:

    Dear Dr. Goddard,
    You should come to BitChute. It is imperative that we stay present online.
    I teach geology at University and I understand how important it is for students to be able to get the real data. I am glad that in my country and at my University we are not under pressure to hide the data (at least it is the same University that gave one Milutin Milankovic), but I see that students are indoctrinated trough media and in high-schools.
    So, we have to find a way to spread the truth.
    BitChute might be the alternative.

  39. Kay says:

    I miss nature videos. I love your dogs. I was quite discouraged in learning you were banned. How can info be disputed when the evidence is presented in a way that any lay person, like me, can understand? Why don’t youtube put strikes on those people who curse all the time?

  40. WarmPotato says:

    Join ~ They’ll automatically upload your youtube videos over there, so its easy as pie! :)

  41. RussM. says:

    There are two VITALLY important people regarding the free world. One is Donald Trump and the other is Tony Heller. God help the world if either cease to function.

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