Holly, Colorado Has Had A Distinct Cooling Trend Since 1900

Hi, everyone.

Today, I’d like to add one thing to a familiar story for many climate realists.
Please pay attention to the animation chart below.

The annual temperature in Holly, Colorado has had a distinct cooling trend since 1900.
However, NASA didn’t like that, so they changed the data.

As you know, there are many similar cases. Examples: here and here.

Some people still don’t know those facts, so I will continue to make charts.

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6 Responses to Holly, Colorado Has Had A Distinct Cooling Trend Since 1900

  1. Viv C says:

    Hi Kirye

    Welcome aboard. I like your style, just the facts and no need for analysis. You are a perfect fit for Real Climate Science, keep it up.

  2. czechlist says:

    Interrogatory. What does the climate/weather in Holly, CO have to do with aeronautics and space? How many government agencies must be funded to adjust past temperature data in order to sell the settled science?

    • GeologyJim says:

      Excellent point, Czechlist –

      Add that to the “To Do List” for Trump’s second term. NASA’s mission should be strictly limited to exploration of the Solar System and remote investigations of the cosmos.

      There are 15 or more “anti-poverty” programs that are substantially redundant. You constantly hear about people suffering “food insecurity” and yet we’ve been awash in “free food” all through these COVID restrictions.

      When is the last time anyone in America actually encountered a malnourished child? When was the last time you saw a conspicuously chubby American child? Yeah, me too. (Never. Every day.)

      It’s time for parents to care for their own kids, or ask a local church for assistance. National government does a lousy job of fixing anything (except making “emergency” government jobs permanent and allowing unionization)

  3. paul courtney says:

    Kirye: Thanks for the post, and you’re new here so you should know, Mr. Heller doesn’t like charts.

  4. Learned Hat says:

    I hope you two are archiving the source data and all of the newspaper headlines as I am sure it will all start disappearing.

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