BLM “Disrupts The Nuclear Family”

“We engage comrades with the intent to learn about and connect with their contexts.”

What We Believe – Black Lives Matter

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6 Responses to BLM “Disrupts The Nuclear Family”

  1. arn says:

    Typical marxistic nonsense.

    COmmunists,don’t have friends but
    COmrades,CO2 and COvid.

    And the destruction of family wasn’t just Marx plan,
    it was the modus operandi of the slave holders to disconnect people from each other so that can be easier torn apart,sold etc
    and dont form opposition but tend to betray their own.

    The destruction of the family(&identity) is practised on a higher level
    by the destruction of the big family (country) sovereignity by institutions like Imf,UN
    and undermined by mass immigration
    which was already practiced by communist in russia and china where
    certain groups were “relocated” on purpose to undermine the national integrity,
    be it the chinese who were sent to tibet,
    or the Han to the uigurs
    or russians to baltic/scandinavian locations.

    btw-this family structure isn’t western at all but could be found all around the world,but it is the talking point of marxism as the western world(+catholic church) was considered
    the only real obstacle for world communism and are therefore targeted.
    And BLM,just like any other fake marxist show posing as something else=environmentalists,lgbt,feminists etc)
    are just parroting the nonsense,just as Greta who all of a sudden also started fighting patriarchy(while always having her father on her side to feel safe and while ignoring the rapes in her country committed 90% by people from a religion she is not allowed to criticze just like BLM would never mention
    that millions of blacks are being enslaved right now by this religion-
    and they dont say a word.)

  2. Walter says:

    So BLM has little to nothing to do with black lives, got it.

  3. Patz Koenig says:

    Malcolm X is just expressing his hatred for ALL White people, including White liberals. Malcolm X certainly would NOT say White Conservatives are better. He would hate them even more. Malcolm X was blaming Whites for the problems in Black communities. No government program forced Black fathers out of the family. They did that from their own lust and selfishness.

  4. Johansen says:

    Thank you for posting this, it’s being forwarded to thousands of people

  5. D. Boss says:

    And their founders proclaim “we are trained Marxists”:

    “One of the founders of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors, said in 2015 that she and her fellow founders are “trained Marxists.” She says Israel engages in racial cleansing and its “occupation of Jerusalem” should be considered genocide. She’s friends with the antisemitic Nation of Israel leader Louis Farrakhan, and SHE’S the woman who will soon be teaching your kids. BLM plans, curriculum, and online learning systems are infiltrating schools at terrifying rates and soon they’ll be teaching your kids to hate YOU and everything you stand for. It’s time we protect our children.”

    And they happily proclaim they invoke “spirits” in their voodoo cultism:

    And again people who blithely support any Marxist notions must be reminded what Marx himself penned and said about his thoroughly evil ideology:

    “Hear the HORRIFYING words Karl Marx wrote about Satan, Evil | THIS is the Origin of BLM, Marxism

    There’s no doubt Karl Marx did some evil things throughout his time on earth…but did he glorify Satan himself? Paul Kengor, author of “The Devil and Karl Marx,” says there’s no way to know if Karl Marx was Satanic. BUT, just like we shouldn’t overstate things, we shouldn’t understate them either. Some of Marx’s writings show HORRIFYING words that demonstrate just how dark the father of Marxism truly was. And, Glenn explains the scary similarities between Marx’s writings and the proclamations of Marxist movements — like BLM — from today. “

  6. Mac says:

    This is antiquated and outdated nonsense, which goes all the way back to Socrates, who believed that children should be raised by the entire village and shouldn’t bond to their actual parents or spend too much time with them. It’s amazing to me that leftists really believe that communism is some sort of modern and enlightened philosophy. It isn’t. In reality, it’s primitive and neolithic, and only works in very small groups, such as in ancient hunter-gatherer groups. It won’t work in large societies. People resent having their money stolen by the government to feed and house strangers they do not know, many of whom are on drugs or alcohol, or are just plain lazy. The human survival instinct is part of human nature, and we can’t just undo millions of years of evolution simply because infantile leftists are frightened of life and are afraid to rely on themselves. Charity is one thing, and should, of course, be encouraged, but communism is always at the point of gun.

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