Jane Fonda : “Climate Scientist For Decades And Decades”

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14 Responses to Jane Fonda : “Climate Scientist For Decades And Decades”

  1. Scissor says:

    So she was a climate scientist before she was a traitor?

  2. rah says:

    Yep! This former Green Beret always listens to traitors.

    Back in the 1990-91 I was an instructor at SOMED (The Special Operations Medical course) at Ft. Sam Houston, TX. There were still Hanoi Jane urinal targets in many urinals there. The institutional memory of the Army can be long, especially in a place where there are a lot of vets still working. I have no doubt that Jane Fonda’s image holds the undisputed record for being on the largest number of urinal targets. I think you can still buy the things.

  3. stewartpid says:

    That is one of your best ever Tony …. good work.

  4. DaveInCO says:

    00:20 “I’ve been a climate scientist for decades and decades.” WTH?

  5. Rowland P says:

    Marvellous – another self-proclaimed expert!!

  6. Richard A Reeves says:

    Look for Jane Fonda to be
    a Nobel prize winner, I guess in climate science.
    She is surely as qualified as Al Gore.

  7. Lance says:

    Jane a Climate Scientist for decades and decades?

    I always thought of her as an actress and a good one. Activist -Yes. Scientist??

    I guess we all can call ourselves Scientists.

    I will be one too…:-))

  8. Russell Cook says:

    Was that a Biden-ism on ol’ Jane’s part? Did she mean to say she was a “climate enthusiast” instead? A “climate sciencer”? “Climate appreciatist”?

  9. Tom Adams says:

    For decades and decades she never opened a book.
    I started my climate studies with CO2. Within 15 minutes I knew that wasn’t the cause.
    What has she been doing?

  10. Graeme No.3 says:

    “Climate scientist”? Delusional.

  11. Greg in NZ says:

    Hysterical Jane was interviewed this morning on what’s colloquially known in these parts as Red Radio (Radio NZ). Hilariously she encouraged people “to follow the science, as Greta Thunberg has, as there’s only ten years left”.

    Sounded more religion than science to me as I’ve been hearing the same doomsday cult mantra for decades and decades. Are we there yet?

  12. DCA says:

    When I was a kid, everything was Archie. Now, everything is climate change. (Or is it racism? Or are they the same thing? I can’t keep up.)

    The answers one gives to the Rorschach test of life tells you a lot about the person.

    Bias is not science.

  13. They used to say things like 97% of scientists agree with global climate change, but then they must have caught on to the fact that 90% of the scientists have no expertise in things related to climate science. Now they say 97% of climate scientists agree, but I wonder what percent of climate scientists got their degrees in the last three decades and studied climate science because their grade school teachers convinced them that global warming was destroying the planet. We have to admit that college campuses are now business enterprises had respond to demand. If lots of kids want to study climate science, then they generate more classes and more forms of degress that emphasize that. For example a degree in Climate Change Sociology or Climate Change Economics. You wonder just how much actual science these curricula have.
    As an anecdote, I attended the University of Colorado, Denver Center in the early 1970s and was active in the Environment Action group there. It was recommended that I read a collection of papers about all of the environmental problems that were going on. One forecasted global cooling caused by all of the particulate matter that industry was stirring up. Another forecasted global warming from all of the CO2 that fossil fuels were producing. They had it both ways, but for sure the advance of civilization and the improvements to people’s lives were causing a disaster one way or the other.

  14. oeman50 says:

    I think she was given an honorary climate scientist degree in Hanoi.

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