September 10, 1931

On this date in 1931, the average afternoon temperature around the US was 89 degrees, almost 60% of the US was over 90 degrees and more than one third was over 95 degrees. Every state except five were over 90 degrees, and fifteen states were over 100 degrees. The hottest temperature was 109 degrees at Forestburg, South Dakota, which was 42 degrees warmer than today.

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  1. Gator says:

    And in 1931 we did not have BLM terrorists like Jeffrey Acord…

    For example, earlier on Thursday, September 10th, the State Patrol arrested a Puyallup man who had started a fire along State Route 167 at North Meridian. Apparently, according to this story, this genius was livestreaming on Facebook the fire he had just started, and apparently he had been reported earlier in the day walking along the highway with a lighter.

    He was arrested in Ferguson in 2014…

    KOMO News reported in 2014 about what happened to Acord, noting that he had a knife in his backpack, a box of ammunition, an assault rifle, shotgun, and a box of fireworks. The article said that he admitted to police that he had a loaded gun without a permit, and officers had contacted him after he was seen near his car with a road flare.

  2. Robert Gipson says:
    “Dr. Stephen J. Pyne, a wildfire expert and professor in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University, writes, ‘In the United States, few places know as much fire today as they did a century ago. Fires have fled from regions like the Northeast that formerly relied on them for farming and grazing. They have receded from the Great Plains, once near-annual seas of flame, ebbing and flowing with seasonal tides. They burn in the South at only a fraction of their former grandeur. They have faded from the mountains and mesas, valleys and basins of the West.'”

  3. Robert Gipson says:
    “…Australia’s hottest ever reliable temperature recording was 51.7 degrees Celsius (125 degrees Fahrenheit) at the Bourke Post Office on January 3, 1909. In addition, this year’s bush fires, despite their terrible toll on people and wildlife, are by no means Australia’s largest.

    “Australia’s most widespread fires likely occurred ‘on 13th January 1939 (Black Friday), 2 million hectares burnt with ash reportedly falling on New Zealand. That was probably the worst bush fire catastrophe in Australia’s modern recorded history in terms of area burnt and it was 80 years ago.’”

  4. Phil says:

    It appears that we should sound the alarm about global cooling. Having said that, living in northern Minnesota I’d be ok with global warming.

  5. David Waraxa says:

    The NWS only uses a 30 year average temperature range and that’s it. It doesn’t matter how hot it was before 1980. As of January 1st the NWS will change to a new average temperatures based on 1990 through 2020. However they still will go back to when records began to establish daily records. I think the NWS needs to revisit this.

  6. mwhite says:

    “Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be.”

    The PCR test detects fragments of RNA from the virus. It cannot detect live active virus.

    You cannot knowingly have the virus, especially if you do not have any symptoms.

  7. mwhite says:

    In the UK we can now visit Sweden without having to quarantine when we get back.

  8. Gunnar Littmarck says:

    Why care about average temperatures?

    They say nothing about earth changed greenhouse effect.

    This is how simple it is to show climate activists (with IQ over 100) that the CO2-threat is scientific rejected.

    My text to climate activists:

    I have been advocating for mass production of FS-MSR since the beginning of 2000 because it is the only technology we know works to create global welfare by 2050 and without it no global environmental protection and an ever-increasing migration pressure on rich welfare states.

    A molten salt reactor of 600 MW requires as much resources to manufacture as a wind turbine of 12 MW if they are built in equal series.

    The difference is that the reactor gives full power around the clock for 100 years and can switch between the production of hydrogen and electricity.

    Hydrogen is everything we get from oil if it is combined with carbon dioxide.

    I have had such hard counter-arguments so I have been forced to study all relevant disciplines for many thousands of hours and found that the carbon dioxide threat is scientifically rejected, most of the oil and methane gas we extract is extracted much deeper than fossils found with a high proportion of organic carbon. under the earth’s crust in subduction zones and combined with hydrogen on its way up.

    Wikipedia is, as most people know, hijacked by climate alarmists, so they claim that it is the greenhouse effect that makes Venus so hot, but include facts that show that 90% of radiated solar energy is reflected into space.

    These clouds also reflect 67% of Venus’ transmitted energy back to the surface.

    Venus is warm by residual heat since the planet was formed (the earth is cooled by 10TW) and nuclear energy (the earth’s internal decomposition of uranium and thorium releases 30TW).

    For that, atmospheres must insulate because otherwise gas planets would be 3 Kelvin as ambient space.

    “Above the dense CO
    2 layer are thick clouds consisting mainly of sulfuric acid, which is formed by sulfur dioxide and water through a chemical reaction resulting in sulfuric acid hydrate. Additionally, the atmosphere consists of approximately 1% ferric chloride.[75][76] Other possible constituents of the cloud particles are ferric sulfate, aluminium chloride and phosphoric anhydride. Clouds at different levels have different compositions and particle size distributions.[75] These clouds reflect and scatter about 90% of the sunlight that falls on them back into space, and prevent visual observation of Venus’ surface. ”

    40W/m^2 is the energy from the sun that reaches CO2 below these clouds.

    Early in this interglacial the global climate was just 3 C over what IPCC has reference temperature.

    Then Sahara was green and had many lakes the biggest as big as the Black Sea.

    Deserts radiate much more energy to space than plants or open water.

    Take an easy calculation so you understand how imported the temperature difference is.

    Two black bodies with same size one with -80C and the other with +50C have average temperature -15C but if the difference gets away the average temperature will be +7 C without radiating more energy.


    10 000 years ago when the global average temperature was 2C above today´s.

    The interglacial before had an even more life friendly global climate with 8C higher temperature for 6000 years on Greenland.

    Just CO2 acts as greenhouse gas on the wavelength 15µm so it would be easy to detect a signal as a function of changed level CO2 in the atmosphere if it was one over 150 ppm.

    Satellites haven’t found a higher greenhouse effect from higher level CO2 sens 1970 when earth outradieted spectra started to mechured.

    IPCC use typical 3m in laboratories which give 1C per doubled level if earth just had CO2 in a 3m thick layer.

    The only scientific study that claims to have found an increased greenhouse effect as a function of increased carbon dioxide content is cherry picking.

    Just switch to Colorado which has good data for the same period and is pretty close and you get the opposite result or globally 1940-1970 and 1988-1992

    The world’s deepest borehole in the earth’s crust shows that much of the water that follows in subduction zones is exposed to at least 2000C and is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen, but it does not flow out of either thru the earth’s crust or the seabed, which indicates that in the millions of years it takes to penetrate is combined with carbon where the majority is organic.

    An example of human activity that contributes to warmer global climate.

    Ricing oceans is also fake, just look at islands that stand on seabed or continetaplates that don´t had land ice for example Australia 10 000 years ago then it was 1m higher level around the great barrier reef for termisk expansion. South America’s west coast is another example where seabed met continental plate on the beach and the don´t had thick land ice at that time.

    Sea level over continentalplates is what activist show but the continental plates mow though the whole crust flow in equilibrium, so when land pushes down from ice the part below sea rice.

    One more fact that will change your mind.

    Ocean takes up CO2 from the atmosphere and creates limestone.

    We crush limestone when we produce cement, then as much carbon dioxide is released as the oceans have taken up but in pure form.

    We produce synthetic limestone from cement, which then absorbs as much CO2 as was released in the cement production.

    Therefore, high-temperature reactors must lie deep in lime mines and produce hydrogen for process heat in cement production and for the production of synthetic fuels in conjunction with the pure carbon dioxide that is released.

    This model was proposed by the ORNL to the Obama administration in the Blue ribbon project but it can greatly simplify, control rods and most pumps can be replaced with thermal power control and convection as the first MSR that had 860C in 1954 when it was started.

    Here a better solution with NaCl as a mediator of thermal energy.

  9. Robert Rogosch says:

    You focus on US temperature records and exclude most from other continents. My question is why, there must be temperature data for a lot of locations, especially Europe. What is the reason to not include it?

  10. Jeff says:

    24 states first recorded their current all time record high temperatures between 1930 to 1936.

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