Major Hurricane In Iceland

On this date in the year 1900, Iceland was hit by a major hurricane.

28 Sep 1900, 12 – The Guardian at

This came a few days after the deadliest hurricane in US history.

09 Sep 1900, 7 – Great Falls Tribune at


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2 Responses to Major Hurricane In Iceland

  1. Thad Kowalik says:

    Read “Isaac’s Storm” by Eric Larson. This book gives a complete timeline description of the events leading up to, during and after this mega-storm’s journey to Galveston. One interesting fact presented in the book is that the newly commissioned US Weather Service lied in knowingly predicted that the storm would go up the east coast rather than “shooting the gap” between Key West and Cuba and hence enter the Gulf of Mexico. Some things never change…..

  2. Windsong says:

    Al Roker also wrote a book several years ago, “The Storm of the Century… The Great Gulf Hurricane of 1900” (2015). A short but thorough book with a large bibliography; easy to read. It covers the events in Gavelston before, during and after the 1900 hurricane, specifically the efforts of the chief weather forecaster in Galveston, Isaac Cline. Missed opportunities and bureaucratic bungling by the U.S. Weather Bureau don’t help matters.

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