New Video : “Listen To The Science”

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3 Responses to New Video : “Listen To The Science”

  1. D. Boss says:

    Yeah and the CDC just admitted the likelihood or dying from Covid is extremely small:

    The US government’s official survival rates (i.e., IF infected) for Covid19 are as follows:
    0-19 99.997 percent
    20-49 99.98 percent
    50-69 99.5 percent
    70+ 94.6 percent

    The hype of this thing is a scam, designed to stampede the herd and turn them all into obedient sheep…

  2. just a thought says:

    Hi, Tony.

    Gmar Chasima Tova!

  3. scott allen says:

    Joe Biden said that 200 million Americans are dead from covid.

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