New Video : Magically Morphing Masks

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  1. William Miranda says:

    What an idiot. Even some of the boxes of the “placebo” face mask say they offer no protection against contracting a virus. So the only thing a face mask does is restrain the spread of the virus from someone who IS contaminated. But even then, that 3-4 inch mask can restrain less than your underwear AND your pants together can hold in a fart. The mask is a placebo. Also, what these people don’t want to talk about is the “nasty rumor” that if you are not infected with the Wuhan virus, you can’t contaminate anyone else. Who would have thought that? So the question is, if that “rumor” is true, why does everyone have to wear a mask if we’re not infected or bedridden? I have a feeling that after election day, few, if anyone, will be talking about the Wuhan virus and most could care less. Just like the great philosopher Forrest Gump would say, And just like that, the Democrats forgot about the virus.

  2. Bjørn Rudholm says:

    Exactly in these hours, the Danish Government increases restrictions. The PM obviously thinks, that closing down restaurants at 10 pm rather than midnight, miraculously will stop the virus. The virus is very dangerous between 10 pm – 12 pm ?
    For several weeks the government have forced everyone(all passengers) to wear The Clown Masks ? in trains, busses, The Metro in Copenhagen and in the taxies. The top figures in the health care system are the believers of restrictions. Their minds is covered with teflon coating and have decided, that this paticular virus doesn’t understand herd immunity. The restrictions is very costly for Denmark.

  3. oldefarte says:

    WHY is this NOT being shown on EVERY News Channel, in EVERY Doctor’s Office, in ANY and EVERY School that is/may be open… WHY is this NOT playing in AIRPORTS instead of CNN (without that captive audience, negotiated by CNN, btw, CNN’s audience share would be smaller than the average pre-school enrollment)? These are actual interviews and reports, not faulty remembrances… Which brings up a point. I seem to be particularly cursed because I actually remember stuff. I remember Dr. Fauci dismissing masks way back in March. I remember Nancy Pelosi (unmasked), in late February, talking to a crowd (unmasked) in SF’s Chinatown, urging folks to get out and mingle. I remember Mayor DeBlasio and his (former) Health Commissioner (with the weird name I can’t actually remember), both unmasked and closely surrounded by other unmasked people, back in mid-March, telling people to go out and mingle at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Of course, I also remember when Australia was not a Fascist nation and I even remember that “Coming Ice Age” thing in the 1960’s and 70’s and 80’s (I even remember Carl Sagan hitching his “nuclear winter” scares to it). Remembering things makes it very hard to talk to people who don’t remember things – people like the neighbors down the street with their “Love is Love” and “Science is Real” sign. I guess they need that sign because, otherwise, they wouldn’t remember this stuff.

    • Aussie says:

      Loved your comment – made my day!

      I am similarly afflicted. I clearly remember reading all about the Ice Age scare and seeing it on TV and documentaries in the 1970s. Then I have some halfwit telling me it was only “a few pages in Newsweek…”.

      The on going “ice free Arctic” claims are similar – I have personally heard them since the 1980s. If it were any other field people would have thought you had a screw loose endlessly screaming about that which never comes true – but again it seems my good memory is badly serving me here…

  4. Robert Gipson says:

    For those who still harbor a Pollyannic delusion that there is “no conspiracy” to collapse the economy:

    “A Nashville city councilman has accused the mayor and the city health department of hiding data showing there were very few coronavirus cases in local restaurants and bars, and of fabricating numbers to keep those businesses closed.”

  5. Andre Rohde garder says:

    1000+ doctors speaking out against the Covid-scam in Germany. English speaking video.

  6. Aussie says:

    Tony – please keep this coming.

    I have a particular hatred for masks as they hide peoples identity and they also wreck communication and turn people into silent zombies. Ever notice a crowd of the masked is mostly silent, whereas a normal crowd has conversations going on everywhere.

    The long term psychological problems and communication issues we will experience by mandating masks will be greater than many imagine. I have a measure of industrial deafness and I can tell you that masks make communication very difficult particularly with those with strong accents.

    But when talking to people in Melbourne Victoria they tell me how good masks are. When I tell them things along the lines of what we see here, they have never ever heard this and are confused, or get angry with me about questioning the govt. This latter response is dangerous and is at the heart of the issue where so many in this country simply cannot think for themselves and unknowingly spout false theories that will only destroy our country.

    I personally think that masks are a very visible thing, and so brain dead politicians love to be able to point to “doing something”, and the mask is regular evidence of this. Too bad that they are actually pointless, and illustrate the complete stupidity of those in govt who would push so hard on this, yet cannot apply the same energy to understanding that lockdowns and restrictions just make things far worse.

  7. Darlene King says:


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