New Video : Lies, Damned Lies And CNN

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  1. Scott K Jonas says:

    I think it would be beneficial to review the recent ice age of 12,000 – 18,000 years ago and how the ice sheets thousands of feet thick covered much of the northern U.S. The Glacier park glaciers were probably huge back then. Obviously all of the glaciers melted and helped raise ocean levels hundreds of feet since then.

    Supposedly even the Seattle area was covered in ice, and every once in a while huge floods would occur to the east when ice dams broke. We have a state sponsored Dry Falls State Park ( here in central Washington and a visitors center describing all this, along with numerous other museums. I’m puzzled as to why politicians don’t seem to know any of this, such as our own Governor. It helps put things in a different perspective.

  2. Scott K Jonas says:

    For anyone interested, here are some links from the Washington State Parks’ Dry Falls State Park Webpage which talk about Ice Age Floods. There are even maps that show the coast of Washington was once over 25 miles further west. If humans had been around to build cities on the coast, where would they be today? And Seattle would be under ice if built before the ice age. If there’s global warming perhaps its a good thing if it keeps the next ice age away.

    Dry Falls State Park:

    Ice Age Floods in Washington:
    and also:

    Washington’s Ice Age Floods Presentation:

    Ice Age Floods Institute:

  3. Scott Wiggins says:

    Tony, I tried to email you at the and it was kicked back. How do I email you?

    Scott Wiggins

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