New Video : Record Fast Climate Change

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  1. Greg in NZ says:

    It’s snowing there,
    it’s snowing here,
    it’s snowing practically everywhere!
    (yet all I hear is fire Fire FIRE!).

    -34 C up on Greenland, -71 C down at the South Pole, and it’s snowing at both places, oops! What ‘warming’.

  2. Nuts Bolts says:

    Hi Tony,
    You understand your audience better than I. Never the less. Do you think you are underplaying the quickly escalating threat just a tad?

    The independent British political analyst Amazing Polly has uploaded:
    A coup in the making.

    It ends with a long statement about the threat to US democracy from Col. Richard H. Black (USA Ret.) Former head of the Army’s Law Division at the Pentagon; former State Senator, Virginia. So many independent researchers —from different angles — are coming to share the same view that I think the grass roots of the populace need stronger more forceful messages.

    Wonder if it may be helpful for you to insert into your uploads, ideas for how individuals can take ‘intelligent action’ without unwittingly becoming part of the problem themselves. For ‘anarchy’ itself leads to dictatorship. Better perhaps to encourage people to think for themselves (like you’re doing) and not join the dizzy maelstrom of telling other people what to believe. Too easy to get dammed both ways but it is time I think, for ordinary people to realize it is up to them ‘as there are no others’ to stand up.

  3. Andre Rohde garder says:

    Norway also got a lot of this strange “thing of the past” the other day, and thats on the back of having the second summer in a row now with midsummers also blessed with the exact same “thing of the past”.

    Cant wait for the day certain “climate scientists” are a thing of the past actually…


  4. saveenergy says:

    “What ‘warming’.”
    That’s why you must now believe in Climate change !
    Green Lies Matter

  5. tom McMurray says:

    would be great for you to do a Video chat with Dave Cullen in Ireland

    Thank you for all your work

  6. MattH says:

    It is nice to see the young woolly aphid occasionally stops and waits for the older woolly aphid. (Toto)

  7. Shawn Peatrowsky says:


    Here is an article for you to review and debunk if you haven’t seen it already:

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