New Video : September 15 Election Update

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  1. KevinPaul says:

    Is that the Governor, I thought he was a fake news reporter. Another failed Hollywood actor I suppose.

  2. Trevor Boyce says:

    Governor Newsom is standing in the still smoldering aftermath of an intense forest fire in what he has very recently said is the hottest weather on record in California. So why is he wearing a jacket like its cold out? Did his video team forget to tell him you don’t need a jacket when its 130deg?

  3. ROBERT A GRISE says:

    I live in Minnesota and roughly 100 years ago we had several terrible fires that killed hundreds the Hinckley fire the cloquet fire look it up if interested. while temperature records don’t show anything unusual going on it can’t be denied that arctic sea ice levels have decreased in the summer. At the same time Antarctic sea ice shows no change and right now it’s above average. I think the difference being soot from Chinese coal fired power plants is the main cause for less Arctic sea ice in the summer.. I’m suggesting that Tony H. Should look into this.

  4. Colorado Wellington says:

    Newsom. Excitable little fellow, isn’t he? I thought he would start flashing gang signs as he was jumping around.

  5. rah says:

    They are desperate and flailing. The fall back to “Climate Change” as a major campaign issue is a clear indication none of the other excrement they have thrown against the wall has stuck. None of it, not the harping on Trump as a failure in dealing with the Rona virus, or the hit piece from the Atlantic, the riots, the fires, or anything else, has hurt Trump one little bit.

    Then Biden suddenly emerges from his basement and after a talk from the middle of a field, is then taken to to Florida, though he really didn’t know where he was going or why. When he gets there he plays Conga music on his phone in an attempt to stop the arterial bleed off of Hispanics/Cubans from the democrats. And Bloomberg emerges to tell everyone he is going to throw a huge amount cash into Florida to try and secure it for the Democrats. Meanwhile the leftist “Celebrities” calling our POTUS a murderer and such are actually drilling holes in the bottom of the clown ship even though they’re far too stupid to realize it.

    The democrat ship is sinking and there is no relief in sight and the crew of clowns only know how to do clown shows as their press clowns do their best to try and make something substantive out of their hilarious acts.

    And meanwhile Trump keeps up the energy, flying all over the country holding one rally after another while at the same time performing his presidential duties, and blasting broadsides into the floundering democrat ship. The normalization of relations between Israel and long time funders of the Palestinians was a huge hit on the clown ship, taking what little wind they had out of their sails.

  6. mwhite says:

    Dr. Fauci is taking vitamin d

    6000IUs – 150 mcg per day

  7. Charles Straw says:

    This is basically the very first Presidential primary and election I’ve ever paid attention to closely. It’s strange on so many levels. The Trump War Room campaign team has been tastefully savage with their ads and memes and promo videos. Trump is maintaining his mind-boggling appearance schedule, while Biden and Harris visit Venezuelan fast food restaurants and hold backyard socially-distanced mini-town halls with 3 or 4 locals

    I saw a clip of Harris getting off a plane wearing Converse shoes, but the resultant Twitter chatter was all about her shoes and not about her as a candidate…she’s so very unpleasant and dull…so, I sense a deflated malaise surrounding the Dems campaign…and I’ve noticed an increase in odd Pete Buttigieg statements online lately…he must want to be chosen as head of Dept of Agriculture by President Harris

    Not sure if Trump will landslide, but he’ll have an easy time winning…anyway, the Democrats need Trump as a springboard to push their own agendas…William Blake said “Opposition is true friendship”

  8. Richard C. Skidmore says:

    Hi Tony— your work is invaluable. Thank you!
    I wonder if you could work up a chart for the U.S. like this one from the U.K. that I’ve attached…? If you do, please include data sources— because, of course, when confronted by facts against their world view the first response is disbelief and ridicule and deriding the source. I know you are rigorous about facts and I use the vid you did about yr background and the awards to quell fears of fake facts.

  9. aussie says:

    California has the same problem we have here in Australia. No back burning for years with huge fuel buildups, and then aghast when the conflagration starts, and they blame global warming….Brain dead.

    David Packham, a bushfire scientist here in Australia is worth listening to, and had been warning of the catastrophic fuel situation for years, but lefty govts don’t understand the fire triangle. And yet they somehow understand the unproven “CO2 is killing us” routine.

    When I lived in the US I went to California and Yosemite and Muir Woods were the only nice things about it, I was always glad to leave and head back to the much cheaper and nicer Mid West.

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