New Video : The Argument Of Tyrants

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2 Responses to New Video : The Argument Of Tyrants

  1. nfw says:

    The truth is always dangerous. From whom are these morons in gummint taking their directions?

  2. Jim Smith says:

    TH, what the government is doing scares me far more than the virus. It has since March. This is not the Spanish Flu and even that epidemic didn’t make the world come to an end. No vaccine was made but people continued once the deaths stopped.

    No such luck with this bug which has everyone but me hysterical with fear even though they know the death rate is low. They keep wearing masks everywhere despite how filthy or unnecessary they are.

    Mask laws where I live are still lax. I avoid wearing mine as much as possible. Not so with others. At least we remain a tight knit rural community and fall far short in the antisocial distancing rules.

    It seems obvious when I watch the brutal beatings from Victoria this is not about our health and safety. This is insane. Or a plot of truly evil people willing to destroy the world economy for their own power grab like the government in 1984.

    It seems acting nice and peacefully petitioning the government officials to give us our rights back won’t work now. I joined Pam Popper’s group “American’s for Freedom” but it doesn’t get much of anything done. Just sends out nice petitions to governors asking for our rights back which they ignore.

    Do you know why people are doing this? Is there a link between the riots and lockdown insanity? And is there anything PRACTICAL we can do to end this nightmare?

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