The Imaginary Second Wave

Sweden is for all intents and purposes done with COVID-19, without lockdowns, vaccines or masks.


Reported Covid-19 deaths in Sweden | Swedish Covid-19 statistics

Sweden had far fewer deaths than models forecast.

Unfortunately, other countries relied on superstition rather than science. Since the introduction of mandatory masks in much of Europe, there has been a large increase in reported COVID-19 cases, but there has been no corresponding increase in deaths. Whatever is being detected is not a deadly virus.


Sweden never locked down, mandated masks, or violated human rights.  Yet they show exactly the same pattern in deaths as all the other countries.

In 1840, William Farr documented the herd immunity curve for the British government, which is exactly what Europe has experienced.


Annual report of the Registrar-General of births, … 1838 – 1839. – Full View | HathiTrust Digital Library | HathiTrust Digital Library

The current surge in cases doesn’t seem to have anything to do with a dangerous disease.

(19) Andrew Bostom on Twitter

It has been known for months that the vast majority of “cases” are not actually sick people.

In four U.S. state prisons, nearly 3,300 inmates test positive for coronavirus — 96% without symptoms – Reuters

Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be. – The New York Times

Dr. Fauci said asymptomatic people don’t drive epidemics, undermining the entire basis of lockdowns, mask mandates and school closures. Whatever is going on is not being driven by science. Most governments are actively working against the interests of their citizenry.

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28 Responses to The Imaginary Second Wave

  1. SDR says:

    I call this viral malevolence infecting our world the COVICON PANDEMISCAM.

  2. Larry in Texas says:

    Tony, there is a great post in American Thinker today in which the public health director of L.A. County, California says that all of the “lockdown” stuff happening in L.A. County will likely end after the November election. Maybe even the day after.

    This comes as no surprise to me. Go check this out and spread it around to our friends and people who are interested in the subject of the politicization of disease.

  3. JS says:

    Do we know when this was filmed?

  4. mikegeo says:

    Certainly the terminology of what is an “infection” and what is properly a “case” needs to be consistently applied because they have specific meaning, and the media has not done this and much of that error lies with Fauci. He got it wrong in his testimony to Congress and lockdowns ensued for no good medical reason.
    This link is a great read on that issue.

    As noted in the above link and in this blog, the vast majority of covid infections do not lead to hospitalizations, and not to death. But the media erroneously refers to infections as CASES, which is when the infected get ill and may be hospitalized and it can lead to death. So the media are getting hyped over the wrongly named metric.
    Aggravating to say the least – and here we are in a lockdown that’s in place over wrong definitions.

  5. Walter L. Wagner says:

    This was posted by a reader on another of your posts, but needs to be widely disseminated:

    It details the statistics for epidemics with lots of graphs. very intresting video, 37 minutes of charts, graphs, excellent scientific analysis.

    It covers much of what the topic of this post is about.

    • Francis Travers says:

      Thanks for the link to Ivor Cummins YouTube analysis. It is an excellent, comprehensive analysis of both the current Covid situation and places it neatly in the historic pattern of seasonal deaths and community immunity.

  6. De Profundis says:

    The increase in “cases” is a correlation to the number of tests. When tests are doubled, so are “cases”, roughly, but with a devclining trend. Even increasing the number of weekly tests to over 1 mio. now in Germany, there is a declining positive rate. It sank to 0.74% of tests last week. So they are working on increase testing further to keep the mythical “2nd wave” alive.

    Since the PCR test doesn’t test for live viruses (only for RNA segments), which means the virus could already be deactivated by the immune system, and the test has an inherent rate of false positives, nearly all of the new “cases” can be attributed to those points which explains, why nearly nobody gets sick or dies anymore.

  7. Geoff Ludlow says:

    Dear Mr Heller,

    The link is by far the most comprehensive scientific explanation I have seen on every aspect of this current pandemic, both endorsing and expanding upon your work. Why is scientific explanation being ignored in pursuit of fear and hysteria?
    Keep up the good work.
    Kind regards,
    Geoff Ludlow (UK)

  8. Bruce says:

    Sadly, we are in the “if it saves one life” area now.

  9. dm says:

    Comparing C19 related deaths per 100,000 helps illustrate the efficacy of Sweden’s approach. 61 per 100,000 in Sweden vs 59.7 in the US, as of early Sept. So, virtually the SAME result to date. One can expect the Swedish death toll to FALL BELOW the US over the next several months because the US lockdowns are intended to delay the inevitable. So, Sweden will suffer fewer deaths and less economic carnage.

    Separate and apart from herd immunity, only a fraction of large populations is susceptible to routine contagious diseases. For example, flu concerns caused 1-7% of the US population to consult a medical pro during the past 10 flu seasons, per US CDC estimates. The C19 outbreak will continue until it infects those susceptible to it. Policy makers should let that happen at a pace that can be handled by the healthcare system.

    While the outbreak runs its course, those vulnerable to dying from C19 should be protected. The vulnerable know who they are, as do their family members and healthcare providers.

    • dm says:

      Edit: Pls insert between the 1st & 2nd paragraph

      For for visual demonstrations of how lockdowns only delay the inevitable, contrast Sweden’s graphs with graphs for the UK, France and The Netherlands. Sweden’s metrics continue declining during late summer. In stark contrast, those for the UK, France and The Netherland suffer the dreaded second spike during late summer.

  10. James Snook says:

    Even the normally alarmist BBC has rowed back a little on the hysteria: Coronavirus: Behind the rise in cases in five charts

    Incidentally Tony the requirement to wear masks in the U.K. only applies in shops, on public transport and, more recently, in schools when distancing isn’t possible such as in corridors. There is no general requirement to wear masks, although you do see some idiots actually driving their cars with them on.

  11. Gummans Gubbe says:

    When the first to say “I believe in science” win.

  12. stewartpid says:

    Another excellent compilation of data and info Tony …. much thanks.

    Hopefully the Covid-1984 Scamdemic will soon just be a bad memory and Trump will get his second term to continue the fight against the leftard liars.

  13. Anon says:

    Hi Tony,

    I think you should stop posting about these health issues and get back to true environmentalism. We have a real disaster looming in the Pacific that needs immediate attention and publicity:

    Rep. Hank Johnson, Guam will Tip Over and Capsize

    And he is no lightweight:

    Hank Johnson

    And the resulting tsunami from that could kill far more people than Covid19…

  14. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Tony, I am in awe of your ability to assemble so much information so quickly and either gather or create the graphs and to present the information in such a concise and understandable way. I can’t help believe that if there were one journalist who would present the information in this article one time on national TV, then within two weeks the lock down would be over. Where is that honest reporter of the news? How do we reach him or her? Why hasn’t Fox News presented this information? What happened to the idea of being the first reporter with a scoop who brings a new truth to the public ahead of his/her peers? Does anyone have any idea how we can get the last honest reporter to look at this information? Seriously, this needs to become part of the national dialogue now!

  15. Macroman says:

    The New York Times article that you linked in this piece is the most important thing written on this whole pandemic, and sadly it got almost no widespread coverage in the media. PCR testing has been set at 40 cycles which, as a Harvard epidemiologist notes in the article, will identify trace fragments of the virus and call that a “positive test”. 30 cycles is more appropriate. The article notes that too-finely-calibrated PCR testing may be overstating the number of infections with enough viral load to be an issue by as much as 90%. It may be that the pandemic is already on its way out, and the increased testing is simply identifying people that have already been exposed to the virus without issue.

  16. Guirme says:

    Currently holidaying in France where in Paris we found a healthy disregard for the mask wearing edict. Now on the Med coast where it is rather more prevalent (Agde commune) although we are mostly going barefaced as are some others although sadly we are in the minority. We will also have to suffer two weeks house arrest when we return to Scotland courtesy of the appalling Nicola Sturgeon. This is all despite the fact that it is patently obvious that Covid 19 is no longer the threat it was once believed to be. Why can’t people think for themselves anymore?

  17. Nixon Scraypes says:

    James is right, in bloody cars,on their own,with the windows shut! I of course go around as nature intended,with regard to climate and modesty. I have my country and western red spotted handkerchief ready for legal emergencies but I’ve never had any so far, in fact I’ve not seen a copper in months apart from in cars speeding off to some hate crime or other. The masks make people feel so important they don’t notice if you’re not wearing one, it’s rather spooky. I just love your dog videos,they’re so beautiful. I want to know what love is~ lovely song, the bloke who did it played guitar on a lot of Francoise Hardy recordings which are beyond description. Your videos give me strength,mate.

  18. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I notice the prison story carries the authentic trademark~ 33 hundred! And 96 %
    9+6=15. 1+5=6. =3+3,. another 33 ! What a surprise.

  19. Lynn Comstock says:

    I sent this to my daughter in San Mateo, California and she trusts the NYT and WSJ for news. She considered Tony Heller as “some random person” who posts stuff on the internet. Living in a bubble.

  20. Colin says:

    What has been inconveniently missed is that the Swedish population is less dense. It is one of the fittest countries in the world. It’s population is WAY more compliant with the lesser restrictions that actually were applied EARLY on. They stayed distanced for the most part. They have a fully prepared and funded health care system. They have a far better integrated public service. Yes they pay more taxes. But they consistently have a higher quality of life, live longer, are better educated. They have a smaller country to manage. As you have consistently pointed out in other blogs, apples should be compared to apples.

    • Bill_W_1984 says:

      True. But, it is also true that they have done better than at least 15 US States (deaths per million) AND that they are used wrongly as a country that did the wrong things and have excess deaths. So, it the things you mentioned should be noted as well. Thank you.

  21. Gator says:

    The largest and most important difference between the US and Sweden is the demographics.

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